Swiss startups on the global radar


Whether its company rankings or competitions, Swiss startups have constantly secured a spot. In the recent venture radar ranking of top university spinoffs, three of the 18 are from Switzerland. The Tech Tour Contest final also features 17 startups that will compete against over 150 startups.



Universities have become breeding grounds for new ideas due to the continued support, infrastructure and other resources provided to individuals with innovative ideas. Over the years, thousands of students have successfully translated their research into a real business that could help to solve some of today and tomorrow’s problems. Currently, university campuses have produced more than 10,000 spin-offs globally. The Venture radar has identified top spin-offs from all over the world founded since 2017 that could the largest commercial impact. In total, the selection committee nominated eighteen spinoffs and among them are three from the ETH Zurich, EPFL and the University of Lausanne FenX (ETH Zurich, 2019) – produces high-performance insulation foams made from abandoned waste materials such as fly ash from coal power stations. Not only is the final product efficient, but it is also fully recyclable, emits low CO2 emissions, and is economically competitive. Nagi Bioscience (EPFL, 2019) – developed a device that allows rapid toxicology testing of new chemicals. It offers whole organism tests without falling under the animal test ban. AgroSustain (UNIL, 2018) –developed AgroShelf+, a natural solution to stop and prevent the development of moulds on fruits and vegetables hence extend their shelf life.   Tech Tour Contest Final: “Fast Forward to the Future” The final round of the Tech Tour Contest features more than 175 European startups from high-tech sectors selected from various events held throughout the year. Among the contestants are seventeen Swiss startups and these are Sustainability: Bloom, Ecorobotix, Battrion, Cyanoguard, Plair, Zippsafe Healthcare: Scailyte, Annaida, Nagi Bioscience, Nanolive, Haya Therapeutics, Spitch, SwissDeCode Digital: Caynoguard*, Cogito Instruments, Scailyte*, Zippsafe, Spitch*, Metaco, Foodtech: AgroSustain, SwissDeCode*On 10 December 2019 at the Zollverein Unesco World Heritage in Germany, the nominated startups will pitch to an international audience of investors, key corporates and innovation experts after which the jury will announce three winners. *Startups in multiple categories(RAN)