Swiss startups expanding globally

Mitipi has protected the brand name Kevin for its smart security speaker in the USA and is now preparing the market entry into the country. Sonect obtaines a license for Mexico which will massively accelerate the market entry. And Bloom Diagnostics has opened the first shop abroad.

Mitipi has launched a smart security speaker that is simulating the presence of people. Called Kevin – named after the Christmas movie Kevin, home alone -, the innovative smart security speaker uses light, audio and shadow simulations to prevent burglars from entering an apartment, house or office. Depending on the time of day, different sounds are played by Kevin to make the simulation as close to everyday life and as realistic as possible. With the Mitipi-Kevin app, users can also record their own sounds, which can then be played back - depending on the time of day - together with other pre-installed sound effects.

The inventors now want to conquer the US market as well. They had assumed that the name "Kevin" may have been trademarked in the United States by the film's producers, first by Hughes Entertainment, 20th Century Fox and later by Columbia Pictures - a subsidiary of Sony - or Disney. But this was not the case. Mitipi has recently received the news from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) that the KEVIN brand name belongs now to the Swiss start-up. For Mitipi CEO Patrick Cotting, this is the key to the start-up's ability to conquer the North American market. At the moment the Mitipi team therefore prepares the entry into the US market by participating in a USA Launching Pad.

Sonect obtains license for Mexico

Sonect has received an authorization from the National Banking and Securities Commission (CNBV) allowing the Swiss startup to operate as an Electronic Payment Funds Institution (IFPE). Sonect is now part of a select group of only 37 FinTech companies that can provide financial technology services with this license in Mexico. This license will accelerate the market entry. It also allows Sonect, to launch new and affordable financial products and services across Mexico and increase financial inclusion among the population.

Sonect converts every shop into a “virtual ATM”. This reduces cost of cash distribution for banks and eases up in store cash management for merchants via a location-based on-demand service. Users of the platform can withdraw cash from any of the participating shops using a smartphone. Sonect builds a community around local businesses and helps them generate physical leads while banks save up to 50% in running their ATM operations and optimize their presence. Sonect also helps banks expand their services into new regions and increase financial inclusion without any significant capital investment.

Bloom Diagnostics opens first store abroad

On 2 September Bloom Diagnostics opened its first store in Hungary. This store, located in the center of Budapest, is Bloom’s overall second store after the opening of its flagship store in Zurich in 2021. The opening of this store coincides with the launch of Bloom’s commercial activities and of its products in Hungary, including the Bloom Lab and the full range of Bloom Tests, namely the Bloom Ferritin, Thyroid, Inflammation, and Kidney Tests. The opening of Bloom’s second store is part of the company’s ongoing expansion in Europe and follows the launch of commercial activities in the UK and Italian markets earlier this summer.

(Press release / SK)