Swiss startups bring the Silicon Valley spirit back home


In August, 12 Swiss startups joined Swissnex San Francisco’s startup camp in Silicon Valley to test the potential of their solutions in the US market. Participants in the camp have declared themselves satisfied with the program, thanks to the broad range of experiences that they gathered.


Swissnex Francisco startup Camp is a t3-4 week program designed for Swiss startups that seek to discover new market opportunities in the Silicon Valley and the United States at large. The camp introduces startups to the local network and provides tools, techniques, training, and workspace to facilitate their development.

The 2018 August cohort comprising of 12 startups has completed the camp, acknowledging it as successful. The participants had the chance to dive into a new environment that is dissimilar to Switzerland. Some of the highlights reported by the founders include the ability to meet and connect with potential investors and clients as well as receiving feedback from esteemed speakers.

According to Selim Benayat, co-founder of Rose Reality, and one of the participants in the camp: “Silicon Valley is a place where different cultures meet. It offers a range of experiences that we lack in Switzerland, such as building companies from zero to one in a short amount of time.”

The following startups participated in the August program

L2F – is a task force of mathematicians that use algebra and topology to enhance machine learning across a wide range of fields.

Imverse –reduces the time and cost of producing photoreal VR experiences and Hollywood movies with volumetric modeling

Rosie Reality – Rosie introduces children to robotics and programming through adventurous puzzles and active play. A fun and educational AR app for iPhone.

KaiosID – offers traceability solutions to fight counterfeit brands.

Foodetective – offers curated reviews and recommendations for food lovers all over the world.

IP Mate – matches researchers with the best specialists to help them protect their IP. It also acts as a tool that guides creators through the process of protecting their intellectual property.

Twelve – is a platform that helps users to find time to hang with friends spontaneously.

Summus – helps small to medium sized businesses manage their data and processes better.

Juniorconnect – helps students, student organizations and corporations looking for talent find each other on campus.

Ouay – developed a device, which facilitates communication between elderly persons with their family or their nurses.

Jenyai – is an AI tutor and study friend that helps students to do their homework with videos, exercises, and cards while following their progress.

Malmath – is a math problem solver with step-by-step description and graph analysis. It is free and solves integrals, derivatives, limits, trigonometry, logarithms, equations, and algebra

In a short video, the startups share their insights.


The Swissnex Startup Camp takes place twice a year. Previously the camp was open to startups in the Innosuisse coaching program and to winners of the EPFL XGrants program. As of this year, startups in neither of the two programs can participate through direct application, however at their own expense. The next camp will run from February 4-22, 2019.