Swiss Startup Ecosystem: Maturing but still challenges to tackle

During summer several blog posts and articles about the Swiss Startup ecosystem were published – by outsiders as well as by insiders. They provide a lot of insights and raise thought-provoking questions: Are Swiss founders not ambitious enough? Should more Swiss startups leave the country?

Selim Benayat:Dynamics shaping Switzerland’s startup ecosystem

In this blog, Selim writes about what Switzerland (and more specifically Zürich) is doing right and wrong on its path to creating world dominating startups.


Louis Nicholls: Comment to Selim Benayat

What Switzerland really needs is for our best founders to take money from the very best investors for their individual case (who probably aren’t in Switzerland) and then to come back to Switzerland later with the capital and experience of their own to help the next generation.


Beat Schillig: "Junge Ausländer sind oft hungriger und risikofreudiger"

Der Chefredaktor der Handelszeitung, Stefan Barmettler, hat sich im Interview vom 31. Juli 2017 mit Beat Schillig über das grösste Problem von Gründer/innen und die Rolle von Ausländern unterhalten.


The New Zealand Initiative:Unusual business in Switzerland

In 1960, the average Swiss citizen’s income was barely three-quarters that of her New Zealand counterpart. Yet today Switzerland’s 8.5 million inhabitants enjoy a standard of living the average New Zealander can only dream about. How has Switzerland managed to do this when New Zealand has so spectacularly failed?


Isabelle Ohnemus: Three reasons to run your startup in Zürich

Switzerland’s largest city seems destined to become increasingly more of an international hub for tech startups: the mix of opportunities, networks and funding is what attracts many entrepreneurs to run their business there. If you are planning to run your business in Europe, here are three main reasons to do it in Zürich.