Swiss Startup ecosystem in the news around the globe

Although Switzerland has a small market base in comparison to other countries, it has a strong entrepreneurial ecosystem and is home to some very advanced areas of tech. This press review brings forward articles from world’s leading media such as BBC, Forbes, TechCrunch, about the Swiss startup environment, how it is developing and how startups have continued to address consumer issues.

TechCrunch –The biotech empires of Silicon Valley and Europe: Both Switzerland and Silicon Valley are playing a significant role in shaping the future of startups. With strong culture of IT and a very strong life science sector, Silicon Valley provides a wide range of benefits to biotech start-ups. Meanwhile Switzerland continues identify itself as the expert in technical engineering, which has had a considerable impact on the scientific application of micro/nanotechnology.

TechCrunch – MassChallenge sets up Camp in Switzerland: The Boston-based accelerator program MassChallenge is expanding rapidly across the globe. Last year, the program set foot on the Swiss ground and has progressed smoothly since implementation. Following a three months bootcamp program, the Masschallenge team will for the first time select a winner from Switzerland on 2 November in Lausanne.

Forbes – Fintech hubs continue to grow as the Swiss Fintech sector receives backup: Under the Umbrella of DigitalZurich2025, large financial institutions including AXA, Credit Suisse, UBS, Swisscom and Migros joined hands to boost the fintech sector in Switzerland. Together they established the Kickstart Accelerator program to extend their support to startups from four major sectors: Fintech, smart and connected machines, future and emerging technologies and food. In addition, events and educational programs are being organised to address key issues in the industry. This article also talks about the growth and impact of Fintech hubs worldwide.

Startup Milestones – Researchers are great founders: Amin Shokrollahi, founder & CEO of Kandou Bus, explains why researchers make great founders whilst highlighting some tips on how to successfully lead a team.

Financial Times – EyeFitU cuts return costs: Finding the right size is one of the major challenges online sopping fans are facing which results into returning a large percentage of all purchased products (clothes). Isabelle Ohnemus has created “EyeFitU”, an App that enables users to create a profile of their measurements and matches this against sizing charts from thousands of brands, filtering online shopping results down to the items most likely to fit.

BBC – This solar panel could be the next big energy player: Swiss startup Insolight is looking to develop a solar panel that can push out twice the energy of existing standard roof panels. The increase in efficiency could mean a rooftop system paying for itself in five years and turn solar energy into a major player.

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