Swiss start-up enables fastest mitral valve chordal repair


Swiss medtech startup CoreMedic has announced the start of a first-in-man “Chagall” study to evaluate new minimally-invasive valve repair technology. CoreMedic’s flagship product ChordArt is a transfemoral system for mitral valve chordal repair in the beating heart and represents a less invasive procedure compared to the current surgical methods.


CoreMedic is developing ChordArt, a novel repair system to address unmet needs in the treatment of degenerative heart disease with mitral valve insufficiency, the most common valve pathology affecting more than 7 million patients worldwide. The ChordArt implant is used to replace the ruptured or elongated chordae of the valve and reestablishes the connection of the valve leaflets with the papillary muscle to restore the proper function. As ChordArt reduces the complexity of the procedure, both patients and physicians will benefit. The first-in-man (FIM) case using ChordArt was treated by the Heart Team led by Prof. Kęstutis Ručinskas at the Vilnius University Hospital, Lithuania. The ChordArt treatment was aimed at improving procedural outcomes and allowing standardized placement of the artificial chords with a dedicated, reproducible technique. The patient recovered very well from the intervention and is continuously doing well. A 30 day follow-up showed no complications.

Fast, safe and precise procedure
“Using the ChordArt reduced the invasiveness and duration of the procedure by repairing the valve in a fast, precise and safe way. This allowed the Heart Team to focus on the procedure and timing rather than manually placing the artificial chords to resolve the mitral insufficiency” said Dr. Alberto Weber, Herzzentrum Hirslanden, Zurich, Switzerland, who proctored the procedure. “Thanks to the ease of the ChordArt deployment technique, this was the fastest mitral valve chordal repair I have ever witnessed.”

The “Chagall” Trial is a prospective, multicenter, first-in-man study intended to establish the safety and effectiveness of the ChordArt System. The study was approved to enroll up to 40 subjects at up to 6 European centers. This study is the first trial of its kind to treat patients that have ruptured or elongated mitral chords with the ChordArt System.

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