Swiss researchers ready to explore the Indian market

Ten Swiss researchers from top Swiss universities have been nominated as the finalists of the fourth edition of the Academia-Industry Training (AIT) India Camp. They will fly to Bangalore from November 20th-24th 2017, to benefit from a full week immersion in the market.

In collaboration with swissnex India, the venture lab team announced the nomination of the ten Swiss researchers as the finalists of the 2017 Academia-Industry Training Program. The selection consists of Master, PhD and post Doc students, active in various industries such as Agritech, Energy, ICT, Medtech or Microtech.

The finalists will have the opportunity to investigate the potential of their innovation in the Indian market during the week-long trip in November. They will further meet with investors, go on industry visits, attend entrepreneurship workshops, pitch their innovations and exchange with peers.

The ten researchers include:

Sergio Sanabria, reflectUS, ETHZ, Medtech
ReflectUS developed an advanced –radiation free – ultrasound device enabling a cost-efficient, convenient and reliable breast cancer diagnosis for women of all ages.

Sami Rtimi, Ibticare, EPFL, Medtech
Established as a spinoff of EPFL, Ibticare offers innovative antibacterial coatings on medical devices and packaging without use of chemicals.

Prajwal Prajwal, Clemedi, ETHZ, Medtech
Clemedi develops a fast and comprehensive, next generation sequencing (NGS) based in vitro diagnostic (IVD) products for infectious diseases, to combat antibiotic resistance and improve patient care.

Clément Javerzac-Galy, MiraEX, EPFL, Microtechnology
With a combination of smart optical sensors and artificial intelligence technologies, miraEX captures the most imperceptible vibrations of machines to reduce machine downtime and maintenance costs.

Bruno Azevedo, Thinkmilk, EPFL, Agritech
Thinkmilk develops electronic devices to analyse milk substances rate and diseases, offering veterinary support and helping farmers prevent epidemics and produce quality milk.

Ajay Patil, REMRETEch, Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI), Energy
The project REMRETEch deals with the recycling of rare earth elements from magnet e-wastes. The end product is a portable recycling unit for e-waste and resource management

Olga Dubey, SwissBiol, University of Lausanne, Agritech
SwissBiol develops novel organic fungicides to protect agriculturally important plants and reduce crop losses worldwide.

Alice Gillen, Microfluidic sensor chips, EPFL, Pharma
Microfluidic sensor chips for drug detection and biomarker detection using single wall carbon nanotubes. This system allows for lower sample volume requirements, cost reduction and portability.

David Lambelet, iRON, EPFL, Energy
iRON develops low-cost, non-toxic, small scale, iron battery system to power LED lights and phone charging.

Wajeb Saab, RaaS, EPFL, ICT
RaaS offers a non-invasive enterprise software solution to assure reliability of real-time decisions in the automation industry.

Following the trip in India, the team will meet again in Switzerland in April 2018. They will attend an  advanced entrepreneurship week, accompanied by their 10 Indian fellow “scientrepreneurs”, as well as the participants of the AIT Brazil camp, comprising the 10 Swiss and 10 Brazilian selected participants. All teams will assess the improvement and advancement of their projects. At the end of the Swiss Camp, two projects from each country will be rewarded with a Grant to help them to further develop their entrepreneurial ambitions.

About the Academia Industry Training Camps (AIT)
The Academia Industry Training Camps aim to help young scientists move the results of their research from laboratory to market and may well give these enterprising researchers the boost they need to successfully transform their ideas into marketable products.

The program is part of the Swiss-India Joint Research Program between Switzerland and India funded by the State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation (SERI) and managed by the University of Applied Sciences Zurich (ZHAW) as the Leading House for India.

Picture: The Swiss-India AIT Team in Bangalore in 2016