Swiss Prime Site Start-up Accelerator Programme: Proptech

Swiss Prime Site, one of Europe's leading listed real estate companies, is looking for pioneering startup ideas in the Proptech sector. This includes solutions that help to disrupt existing business models and identify new value-creation opportunities in the real estate sector.

Together with its Industry partner, Swiss Prime Site, Venturelab is looking for solutions along the whole real estate sector that can increase the quality of life in cities and integrate new and innovative sustainable processes in the value chain. This can range from software to smart building/IoT and smart city solutions (e.g. mobility, reduction of heat, greening), including water management and treatment, protection/conservation/promotion of biodiversity and health management.

Through this two-day Accelerator Programme, participants will have the chance to refine relevant use cases for Swiss Prime Site and/or its group companies (Swiss Prime Site Immobilien, Swiss Prime Site Solutions, Wincasa) that shall lead to sustainable processes, improved operational efficiencies, and/or sustainable growth enablement.

8 selected startups will be invited to the Swiss Prime Site Accelerator Programme on March 21 & 22, 2023 to pitch and work with the Swiss Prime Site management and industry experts with the goal to secure funding, set up a pilot project or a proof-of-concept.

If your startup offers solutions and innovative business models to improve/disrupt the ways corporate businesses work in real estate, asset management, real estate services, and retail then this is the right opportunity for you. Apply by March 1, 2023 with your innovative business proposal for Swiss Prime Site to be part of this unique experience.

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What our alumni say...

 Margaux Peltier, CEO Enerdrape

“Swiss Prime Site's accelerator programme is a great opportunity to trigger the right discussion with the right player and fast track collaborations. In the real estate sector, it is often a challenge to get the connection with all the relevant actors of the value chain. Swiss Prime Site's accelerator program helps startups like ours to by-pass this challenge and get us in touch directly to both the actors and decision makers of a project. In only two days we had the chance to present our solution and technology, refine potential business case within the Swiss Prime Site portfolio, better understand collaborations and process with all the group companies and pitch to the top-level management. These two intensive days will definitely move our business forward!”