Swiss personalities among the Forbes 30Under30 Europe


The new Forbes 30Under30 Europe list of personalities includes founders of the startups Medusoil, NovoMOF and Taylor. The founders of Microlino and  ETH Researcher also made it to the list.


The Forbes 30Under30 is a premier list of selected young, creative  leaders  and innovative entrepreneurs under the age of 30 that have an impact on business and society. Categorised in ten fields, the  Forbes 30Under30 Europe  presents of founders and leaders from across Europe including Switzerland.

Among the nominees from Switzerland are three startup founders. They are:

Category: Manufacturing and Industry

Dimitrios Terzis, CEO of MeduSoil
The Lausanne based startup is developing sustainable materials for construction and environmental works. These materials are inspired by biominerals and engineered to resist erosion and natural hazards. In less than two years, the company has raised $1 million in grants and venture capital and expects $500,000 in revenue this year.

Daniel Steitz, cofounder and CEO of novoMOF
Founded in 2017 in Zofingen (Aargau), NovoMOF produces advanced materials called metal-organic frameworks. The company is working with over 2 dozen customers to commercialize applications for these materials, such as harvesting drinking water from the atmosphere, increasing the shelf-life of apples, and adsorbing carbon dioxide from industrial emissions.

Category: Finance

Patrick Stäuble, founder and CEO of Teylor
The lending platform was established in 2019 to provide  corporate credit to SMEs in less than 10 minutes.  Since launch Teylor has processed over half a billion euros in loans. Before Teylor, Patrick was Head of Business Development and a product manager at Numbrs, participated in peacekeeping missions for the Swiss military.

Also on the Forbes list is the SME Microlino in the category  Manufacturing and Industry 2020. Founded by two brothers Oliver and Merlin Ouboter Microlino developed an electric vehicle combining the practicality of a motorbike with the comfort of a car, inspired by the "bubble cars" of the 1950s. The company has pre-sold 18,000 vehicles.

Georgios Kelesidis, Researcher Associate at the ETH was also nominated in the category of Science and Health. Kelesidis' research on soot, nanostructure earned the IBM research prize in 2017 and set the foundation for his PhD. In the years since, he has re-established that soot, rather than CH4, could be the second-largest contributor to global warming after CO2 due to the enhanced light absorption and RF by its filamentary structure.

Photo L-R: Dimitrios Terzis (Medusoil), Daniel Steitz (novoMOF), Oliver and Merlin Ouboter (Microlino), Georgios Kelesidis (ETH)