Swiss inventions get recognition home and away

Switzerland has maintained its reputation the world's most innovative country. Swiss startups also play a role in keeping the record by winning global prizes. Just recently, eight early-and later stage startups received recognition worldwide. Two female founders rake in three awards of the Hello Tomorrow Global Challenge. 

Oxyle and Enerdrape | Hello Tomorrow Global Challenge
Two female founders from Switzerland were successful at the Global Challenge of the European deeptech gathering. Oxyle was selected as runner-up of the Grand Prize and as winner of the Energy and Environment track. CEO Fajer Mushtaq  pitched the pitched Oxyle's innovative water treatment technology two times and the finales and convinced an international jury of experts from the energy and environment fields as well as the international jury of the Grand Prize. (Picture above)
At the same event Enerdrape was crowned winner of the Mobility & Urban Sustainability Track. CEO Margaux Peltier had pitched the innovative underground thermal panel technology to a jury of experts. in total 4000 deep tech companies had applied for the competition. 

Loreal and Gjosa nominated among 100 best innovations by Time

The Loreal Water saver, developed by Swiss startup Gjosa, is a sustainable hair care system that can reduce water consumption by up to 65%. The showerhead of the L'Oréal Water Saver System is attached to the sink. It has three inserts for shampoo and other hair care products that go directly into the water stream. The technology creates micro-ionized droplets that collide in a high-pressure stream, allowing for significantly lower water consumption per wash. Launched at CES Las Vegas in January 2021, the system is now being rolled out in pilot projects in the first hair salons in cooperation with the L'Oréal brand Kérastase. The Time Top 100 Inventions of the year this beauty tech innovation with the Innovation of the Year award.

Biospectal | Next Big Things in Tech
Featured in the Winter 2021 print issue of Fast Company, the Biospectal OptiBP smartphone blood pressure monitoring app and data platform has been named a winner in the Health category for Fast Company’s Next Big Things in Tech list, honouring the technology breakthroughs that promise to shape the future of their industries — from healthcare to agriculture to artificial intelligence and more. Thanks to their software solution, Biospectal enables anyone in the world with a smartphone to transform their device into a connected, smart, clinical-grade monitor.  In addition to revolutionizing access and user experience, OptiBP connects users’ data effortlessly to their doctor, enabling insight and improved treatment regimens that achieve the ultimate goal of improving health, longevity and quality of life. Biospectal OptiBP replaces the bulky, inconvenient, and antiquated traditional blood pressure cuff.

Cybera joins Dreamit Accelerator
 The Zurich fintech startup built a platform to help clients to recover funds lost to cybercrimes and assist financial intermediaries with reducing both their cybercrime-related costs and their associated money-laundering risks. Cybera is one of the startups joining the Dreamit program run by Dreamit Ventures,  a leading US #Accelerator that invests in startups with demonstrable#traction looking to rapidly gain customers, initiates new partnerships and raise capital. Dreamit portfolio companies have raised over $800 million in follow-on funding and have a combined valuation of over $2 billion.

Bionomous joins Healthcare Robotics Startup Catalyst Program
MassRobotics and FESTO have awarded four startups including Swiss startup Bionomous a place in the newly launched Healthcare Robotics Startup Catalyst Program, aiming to connect healthcare robotics startups with customers, investors, and suppliers, and to give them marketing and overall support. Bionomous develops the EggSorter, a device that automatically inspects, sorts and dispenses small biological entities like the eggs of zebrafish, a small freshwater fish native to South Asia.

SNAQ wins Digital Health VADIAN Innovation Prize 2021 
Aurelian Briner, CEO of SNAQ, received the VADIAN Innovation Prize 2021 during the symposium on “Management of chronic diseases – Added value through digital health” organized by Prof. Dr. med. Martin Brutsche, Kantonsspital St. Gallen. The startup developed a Diabetes Management App that helps to count carbs, protein, and fat content of meals by snapping a photo and supports learning what keeps glucose levels in target range after meals. The solution is available in Switzerland and the US.

Sophia Genetics gets recognition from the Romandie
Jurgi Camblong, CEO of Sophia Genetics accepted the Prix Industrie Bioalps 2021 award intended to recognise key industrial players for their participation in the development of the LifeSciences sector in Switzerland and the reputation of the Romandie region.  The Lausanne and Boston based company developed and commercialises its cloud-based Software-as-a-Service platform — the SOPHiA DDM™ platform worldwide. The platform enables healthcare institutions to get quick, robust insights from their data. In July this year, the company went public and raised $234 million.

Picture: Oxyle