Swiss Indoors Basel to Cooperate with Virtual Advertising Expert uniqFEED

Swiss Indoors Basel not only relies on LED advertising but also cooperates with Zurich-based virtual advertising specialist uniqFEED. The close collaboration began in 2015 with the first virtual advertising tests and a hidden live-test in 2016. uniqFEED virtually replaces stadium advertising with virtual logos in the various television feeds to target different advertising markets.

irtual advertising allows television/stream viewers in various countries to watch the same game, yet see different ads within the stadium – these are virtually replaced by Zurich-based uniqFEED AG. "We can increase total advertising profits while assuring optimal targeting. In the case of Swiss Indoors Basel we can increase the number of potential sponsors from global sponsors to regional sponsors, who only advertise in certain markets," says uniqFEED CEO Lukas Gysin.

Quality standards and expectations
Virtual advertising not only has great potential but also has to meet high expectations while avoiding potential risks. A truly reliable solution must work independently from cameras and perimeter boards. Lukas Gysin says that quality and liability issues could arise: "Different tournaments use different providers for perimeter boards and broadcasters. We do not want to tamper with other systems, as quality and liability issues could arise." An ideal solution is entirely software-based and does not tamper with any hardware whatsoever. "We also need to assure that the solution works on more than one single camera and with various camera types from spider cams to Steadicams in the mid- and long-term," mentions Lukas Gysin.

Immense Potential
Marc Zimmermann, Deputy Tournament Director at Swiss Indoors Basel, sees immense potential in virtual advertising: "Virtual advertising with our partner uniqFEED allows us to become even more attractive to sponsors, as we are able to target viewers in multiple international markets with tailored virtual in-stadium advertising. Our sponsors reach their target groups even better and thanks to real-time reporting we can guarantee airtime for specific ads and brands." At the same time, as technology advances, right holders must assure that sponsors are made aware of these new advertising possibilities and embrace their potential. "We need to assure utmost quality regarding reliability of the solution as well as a consistently great look & feel in the mid- and long-term," says Marc Zimmermann. 

(Press release)