Swiss Game Developers Association Opens SGDA Atelier for Game Developers

The Swiss Game Developers Association has setup SGDA Atelier space in Zurich for creative gamer creators. The Atelier is a place where likeminded game creators work on their game projects, share experience and exchange knowhow. Interested individuals are invited to apply for the program.

The Swiss Game Developers Association, the non-profit organisation supporting Swiss game developers, is now accepting applications for the newly set up SGDA Atelier. The Atelier brings together likeminded game creators, developers, sound designers and animators to share experience and exchange their knowhow.

Located at the heart of Zurich, the Atelier is a stimulating environment for game developers to further develop their game projects. Admitted participants will be provided a desk where they can work at during business hours with Internet connection and power. They will have access to the General Secretary and members of the SGDA board, who will be available to answer any questions or redirect participants to the right persons in the game industry.

In addition, the SGDA team avails its network to participants to enable them share and learn from experts as well as expand their network. Upon request, developers will have sessions with fresh input from different players in the industry, including SGDA members and its industry partners. During these sessions they will discuss their goals and get feedback to enable them accelerate the development process of their projects.

A limited number of creators can become part of the Atelier programme with the goal to support game projects with strong potential. Interested game developers are invited to submit their applications.


(Pic: SGDA Homepage)