Swiss founders launch global social audio app

Angle Audio is launching its social audio platform today. Five reasons, why the Swiss Clubhouse alternative has good chances to succeed.

From today on, Angle is globally available for iOS, Android and the Web. On Angle, users can discover and join conversations. Advanced AI machine learning technology is used to match people with similar interests. There are good reasons that the app will establish itself on the global market.

Angle is not a Clubhouse clone. Design decisions were intended to reinforce inclusiveness, intimacy and authenticity. There are no stages on Angle, everybody can contribute to the conversations. Topics of the conversations are often curated to keep them meaningful. A function allows participants who are muted to visually celebrate other users and show support while they speak. In addition, useful features were added such as a text-chat function to share links and thoughts.

Social Audio will be more than one platform. As we use different social platforms on different occasions, several audio platforms can be successful as long as they have a clear focus – which Angle has.

Angle starts after an intense test phase. Beta-tests started last summer. The number of users increased over the months and reached several hundred active users per week in March. The majority of the users were based in the USA followed by Switzerland, Germany and UK.

The start-up attracted an experienced investor. Angle closed a pre-seed round in December 2020 led by Atlantic Labs one of the most renowned seed investors in Europe headed by the Swiss Christoph Maire. Atlantic Labs has a long history of funding and partnering with creator-driven platforms such as Soundcloud or jodel, to help advance their growth. 

Angle benefits from the Social Audio hype. Even if there are clear differences to Clubhouse, the company from the Bay Area introduced the concept of Social Audio to a worldwide audience. Thanks to this the Angle team can easily explain what its app does.

The three founders, Matthias D. Strodtkoetter, Valerius Huonder and Matthias Karg have previously met and worked together at ETH Juniors in Switzerland as well as the Zurich based startup Beekeeper and started working on the Angle platform in early 2020. “What we want is to give users the opportunity to feel understood and connected and to learn something new through real human interaction in relevant audio conversations”, explains CEO and co-founder Matthias D. Strodtkoetter. “With Angle, we aim to create an experience that leaves you with a feeling of time well spent.”

(Stefan Kyora)