Swiss FinTech Awards reveals the Top 10 startups


For this year’s Swiss Fintech Awards, the jury assessed 70 startups out of which they selected ten finalists. Five for the category “Early Stage Start-up of the Year” and five for the “Growth Stage Start-up of the Year”. The winners will be announced during the award ceremony on 14 March.


The Swiss Fintech Awards recognize and award the most outstanding early stage and growth stage startups. Out of 90 submitted applications for the 4th edition, a jury comprising of 21 industry experts identified ten startups with the most exceptional solutions. The category Early Stage startup of the Year consists of startups that are younger than two years and have less than CHF 2.5 million capital. For the second category, Growth Stage Start-up of the Year, the opposite applies.

The Finalists include;

Top 5 “Early Stage Start-up of the Year”

Apiax (ZH) – the Regtech startup combines comprehensive legal and compliance expertise with state-of-the-art technology to enable companies to transform complex regulations into easy-to-use digital compliance rules.

Neon Switzerland (ZH) – developed an intelligent mobile banking solution that bundles bank offers intelligently in one app. In August 2018, the startup launched the beta version of the app.

Orion Vault (ZG) – is a Platform for digital fine art investment and donations. The platform combines encrypted cloud technology and blockchain authentication to allow its members to explore, buy, collect and trade digital fine art.

Traxia (ZG) – turns invoices into tradeaable assets. There are over $43 trillion of invoices sitting in companies' balance sheets waiting to be paid. The Traxia ecosystem allows those short-term assets to be digitized, tokenized and ultimately to be tradeable in a decentralized market.

Yova (ZH) – combines automated sustainability analysis and portfolio generation with impact investing to provide a solution that enables clients to create individual portfolios of equities that exactly match their values.

Top 5 “Growth Stage Start-up of the Year”

ABC Platform (Liechtenstein) – is a multi-blockchain infrastructure that allows for efficient and democratic access to natural resources. The company’s Asset-Based Cryptocurrencies (ABC) Platform boosts the efficiency of Trade Finance and lowers the financing cost for commodity suppliers and –traders.

Crypto Finance AG (ZG) – is a blockchain company that offers investors access to the crypto market and blockchain-related services through its three divisions Crypto Fund, Crypto Broker and Crypto Storage.

Payrexx (BE) – offers a cloud-based all-in-one platform to facilitate online payments and so-called one-page shops from a single source without programming knowledge.

Shift Cryptosecurity (ZG) – developed Swiss-made hardware to generate, store and use cryptographic keys securely.

Sonect (ZH) – developed a solution that converts shops into "Virtual ATM" to reduce the cost of cash. Individuals can withdraw money from any registered store using the Sonect app.

The finalists will undergo a two-day boot camp and attend a speed-dating event prior to presenting to the audience during the FuW Forum «FinTech 2019 - Beyond Banking» at the Hotel Dolder Grand in Zurich.(Press release - RAN)