Swiss Digital Health Startup Study 2019


An ongoing study by the ZHAW and Health-Trends aims to provide a comprehensive overview of entrepreneurship and startup innovation in the Swiss healthcare system. Startups are invited to participate in the study.


The Swiss healthcare system is characterized by ongoing transformation, customer needs are changing, and new business models are emerging. In this context, digital health is a trend that shapes and moves the Swiss healthcare system. Health-Trends, an independent Swiss-based think tank for digital health conducts research activities geared towards screening the Swiss digital health startup environment and identifying new trends and technologies in the healthcare system. Health-Trends is also known as the publisher of the first Swiss Digital Health Map. Together with the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW), Health-Trends has launched a Digital Health Startup Survey 2019 to shed more light on the topic of digital health in the Swiss healthcare system. Startups with solutions in the aforementioned sector are invited to participate in the study to contribute to the shaping of the digital health ecosystem. Results of the study will be published at the end of 2019. Matthias Mettler, the project coordinator and Digital Health Advisor at Health-Trends will be available to answer any questions. Startups interested in obtaining further information may contact him directly. (RAN)