Swiss deeptech and healthcare start-ups shake up Forbes’ 30 under 30


Numerous Swiss founders were selected for Forbes’ “30 under 30” Europe. The good performance is mainly driven by young scientists with promising start-up projects.


Forbes has released the fourth annual edition of its “30 Under 30 Europe” list, featuring 300 young disruptors, visionaries and rising stars from across the region, who are transforming industries and setting a new agenda. The list includes 30 honorees in each of the 10 categories, all aged under 30 years old. In total 12 winners are from Switzerland.

The founders:

Olga Dubey, Agrosustain (Science and Healthcare): AgroSustain develops and brings to market novel, efficient, plant-inspired treatments against a broad range of molds.

Etienne Jeoffroy, FenX (Science and Healthcare): The ETH Zurich spinoff exploits mineral waste for the development of non-flammable insulation foam panels. 

Gnanli Landrou, Oxara (Science and Healthcare): Oxara has developed technology that helps to transform excavation materials into sustainable concrete which does not need cement.

Pascal Buholzer, Bernhard Winter, Scewo (Science and Healthcare): Scewo is creating a stair climbing wheelchair

Briac Barthes, Jonathan Fiorentini and David Lambelet, Hilyte (Manufacturing and Industry). The start-ups is developing an iron battery to replace kerosene for lighting and charging in developing countries.

Oliver Eyries, Guillaume Granelli and Niklas Van Neyghem, Alaya (Social Entrepreneurship): Alaya is a leader in employee volunteering and corporate giving, enabling employees to choose their way of contributing and providing a powerful tool to analyse the impact created by an entire company. 

The world citizen:

Angel Versetti, Ambrosus (Finance): Ambrosus is building a decentralised ecosystem where sensors can talk to blockchain and every entrepreneur can use its tools to launch a startup. 

The scientist:

Guido Zichittella, ETH Zurich (Science and Healthcare): Zichittella works on a "plant on wheels" that will convert natural gas on-site with the goal to cut down on carbon dioxide emissions. 

The artist:

Saype (Guillaume Legros)Pioneer in the field of painting on grass, Saype realizes gigantic short-lived faces in the landscapes, with a 100% biodegradable paint which he prepares himself.