Swiss Blockchain Association presented in Geneva


Yesterday marked the public launch of the The Swiss Blockchain Association founded in Geneva with Swiss-wide network of members. The new association is set up to further advance the Swiss ecosystem as a global hub for blockchain technologies and enable understanding of the implications of blockchain tech to the general public. Counting members from Geneva, Zürich and Lausanne its objective is to advance interests of the public and promote blockchain for economic development across Switzerland.


In the wake of the launch of Fusion's new Blockchain Lab was presented yesterday the Swiss Blockchain Association, a pionneer initiative in Switzerland. Together, they are set to provide infrastruture and education for entrepreneurs, SMEs and corporations in the Token Economy and help reshape businesses through the blockchain.

 The newly opened Swiss Blockchain Association is an Open not-for-profit association built in recognition of the strong blockchain interest from the public. It brings together leaders from the community not only in Geneva but across Switzerland such as Cyrille Lapinte, Arnaud Salomon from the startup Smex (accelerated at Fusion), Vincent Trouche from Token Estate (incubated at Fongit), Robert Zaremba (sr Blockchain Engineer at Sweetbridge in Zug), Sam Johnson from SmartLink (Geneva), Sal Matteis & Jean-Etienne Durand from Fusion, Guillaume Dubray and Laurent Bischof from Polytech Ventures, Antonio Gambardella from Fongit, Michel Jaccard from IDest, Antonio Mira and Amelie Jannsens de Bisthoven from Notz Stucki (Geneva), Patrick Hunger from Saxobank (Zurich), Markus Feller from Swisscard (Zurich), Thomas Boyer and Ralph Rimet from Mobiliere (Nyon) and already counts companies like Temenos, SaxoBank, Swisscard, Fongit, Geneva State, Notz Stucki, Investis, Mobilière, Polytech Ventures and IDEst as supporting partners.

“I am excited to see so much momentum and honored to be joined by so many members in the opening of the Swiss Blockchain Association. This is the first Swiss association focusing on the application of Blockchain with a truly open & inclusive scope across Switzerland.

The association already counts members from Geneva, Lausanne and Zurich - among other locations.’ says Sal Matteis, CEO of Fusion and President of the Swiss Blockchain Association.

“Geneva has already started a clear path towards adopting blockchain to reinvigorate and innovate on our public services infrastructure. We are in the process of testing blockchain applications to the public domain and are excited to support the initiative born in Geneva with Fusion and the Swiss Blockchain Association,” says Pierre Maudet, Geneva State Councillor in charge of Security and Economy

“For the development community this is an exciting day as it catapults us into the next phase of education and development and it is a recognition to the work and the passion we have put into the technology” Says Robert Zaremba, Lead Blockchain Engineer, Sweetbridge

“At Fongit we have seen enormous traction with some of our incubated startups and can only be excited to see such development in this area happening in Geneva. We see strong synergies with Fusion and other members of the Swiss Blockchain Association. Particularly we are excited to see the work Fusion will be putting into supporting startups with tokenization and fund-raising as it complements our help for Blockchain startups.” Says Antonio Gambardella - Fongit Director.

“It’s a great initiative with the right and sustainable objectives. Especially fostering education on blockchain technology meets our continuous efforts to create transparency, to successfully grow our partner and client relationships through information and to embrace the tremendous potential of technology’’ - says Patrick Hunger - CEO Saxobank .

(Press release)