Successful deep tech startups receive CTI Startup Label


Three ICT startups and one biotech company have been awarded the CTI Startup Label from the Swiss Commission for Technology and Innovation (CTI) start-up label certification board. These include BestMile, Biowatch, Nomoko and leadXpro. 


To start a company based on cutting edge technology is not an easy task. However the four deep tech start-ups which were awarded with the CTI Startup Label this week are evolving fast. All of them have achieved important milestones in the last months.

The startups include;

BestMile SA, ICT, Lausanne – Established as a spin-off from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL), BestMile is developing technology for urban mobility. The startup provides a fleet management platform designed to operate and optimize any fleet of autonomous vehicles. BestMile’s cloud technology leverages the full potential of autonomous vehicles to tackle urban mobility challenges. This platform is said to be the world's first fleet management platform built for autonomous vehicles. Thanks to its unique open source integration protocol, the platform is designed to be compatible with all existing and future autonomous vehicles. Since its launch in 2014, BestMile has built a proven track record as the leading company for fleet automation in the autonomous mobility industry with customers and partners such as PostBus, Switzerland’s largest provider of road public transportation, Local Motors, Trapeze and GoMentum Station, US largest testing ground for autonomous vehicles.  

BIOWATCH SA, Lausanne – developed a wearable biometric technology as an alternative solution to current authentication methods (PIN, passwords, cards, keys, fingerprint, face), based on vein recognition. The company developed a module, which fits into the strap of any watch, identifies the user from their unique vein pattern, hence transforming their wristwatch into a means of identification. Biowatch completed a financing round at the beginning of this year and demonstrated a fully functional prototype for the first time in June. Other accomplishments include winning Visa’s Everywhere Initiative and joining the Thales incubator. 

LeadXpro AG, Villigen – Established in 2015 at PARK innovAARE, leadXpro is a lead discovery company focusing on membrane protein drug targets. The company is committed to the application of biophysical and structure-based methods for the discovery and optimization of next generation lead compounds for challenging GPCR’s, ion-channels and transporters. It capitalize on the knowledge regarding membrane protein generation, structural biology and facilities of the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI) with premium access to the synchrotron Swiss Light Source (SLS) and the Free Electron Laser (SwissFEL). Core expertise beyond X-ray include single particle cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM). Recently the startup entered a collaboration with Axxam SpA for their Eurostars funded lead discovery project. Moreover after moving into a larger laboratory facility the startup secured funding from private investors.

Nomoko AG, Zürich – Nomoko develops the solution to automatically create «Artificial Reality»: photorealistic 3D models with integrated metadata such as object recognition, materials and physics that are indistinguishable from reality with the naked eye. This is made possible thanks to 3D software and the compact Nomoko camera, which has a resolution of 1500 megapixels and a high performance 3D pipeline. The solution enables models of entire cities to be created for digital gaming environments and film sets, for example. The startup also wants to make its technology suitable for autonomous driving simulations and training. Last year the startup won the ZKB Pioneer prize and this year it was among the venture leaders technology team. 

CTI Start-up enables creative entrepreneurs to realize their innovative business ideas quickly and professionally. Through a three-phase, firmly guided process lasting 6 to 24 months, a dedicated expert will help the venture’s project evolve sufficiently to apply for the CTI Start-up Label. The Start-up Label is a seal of quality, a certificate of achievement, and a sign of credibility and readiness for sustainable growth. It is awarded by the CTI Certification Board that is composed of seasoned entrepreneurs and experts.