Strong Swiss presence at the Hannover Messe


A delegation of Swiss startups and established institutions will present their solutions at the Hannover Messe, the world’s leading industry trade fair. More than 27 startups will exhibit at Swiss Pavilions in Hall 2 and 6.


The 2019 Hannover Messe is taking place from 1st to 5th April, will see a stronger Swiss Startup presence. This year 30 start-ups with both hardware and software solutions that leverage cutting-edge technologies from artificial intelligence, Machine learning to IoT, cleantech, among others are present at the fair. Participating in the trade fair will expose the startups to industry players, giving them the opportunity to meet, exchange and expand their network. Several start-ups are supported by Innosuisse, NCCR Robotics and Bridge.  The following startups are exhibiting: Startups at Swiss Pavilion Digital Factory, Hall 6, Stand G24 ArcaTrust, ZH – a cyber-security company dedicated to safeguarding the World's Assets (supported by Innosuisse) Archilyse, ZH - offers a cloud service for comprehensive analysis and evaluation of architectural characteristics (supported by Innosuisse) Datapred, VD – developed a machine learning software for direct material procurement optimization Imnoo, SH – developed software that simplifies the way contract manufacturers in the MEM industry handle requests from buyers. MyLiveZone, BE – Web-based live training und live Product presentation Mechmine, SG – specializes in smart and wireless condition monitoring of rotating machines for maintenance and life time prognosis. NetModul, BE – develops solutions for Robust Communication. The EPFL is as well in Hall 6, Stand G24 presenting the following startups; Aeler, VD - developed a smart container to monitor goods, ensure traceability and visibility through data analytics. Datapred, VD – developed a machine learning software for direct material procurement optimization Inpher, VD – uses Secure Multiparty Computation technology to develop scalable commercial solutions for running analytics, training and deploying ML models without ever exposing the data. Kandou Bus, VD - designs and commercializes high-speed, pin and energy efficient chip-to-chip links, SerDes, and associated technologies. Miraex, VD – offers industrial IoT solutions that combine smart optical sensors and artificial intelligence to reduce machine downtime and maintenance costs. Neural Concept Shape (NCS) – specializes in commercial and implementation of a software package. – equips multinationals with a new way to create game-changing software in real-time RAW Labs, VD – offers a data management solutions for organizations ScanTrust, VD – offers smart packaging solutions for product authentication, supply chain traceability, and consumer engagement. Largo, VD - developed a data-driven intelligence technology to make movie-making accessible to the market. Vidinoti, FR – developed PixLive Maker a web-based and user-friendly content management system (CMS). A company in stealth mode at the laboratory of applied photonics – is developing volumetric 3D printing method based on tomography. The startups at the Swiss Pavillion in Hall 2, Stand C39 include: Basel Precision Instruments, BS – specialist in low-noise ultra-stable electronic instruments for cutting-edge R&D. Dronistics – developed a patented safety cage drone for small parcel delivery. Luckabox, Winterthur: on-demand and Same-Day Delivery (supported by Innosuisse) QZabre - Diamond scanning tips SecuraXis, GE - Real-time analysis, reporting, and localization with Acoustic Sensors (supported by Innosuisse) SevenSense Robotics, ZH - develops and delivers software and hardware autonomous navigation kits for robot navigation. SoHHytec, VD – developed 'Arb' an artificial photosynthesis system that uses sunlight & water to generate hydrogen, electricity, and heat (supported by Bridge). Swiss Vault, BS – developed a desktop compute unit for high-end data processing and analysis (supported by Innosuisse). KaleiBox, ZH – a portable device for non-invasive 3D optical imaging. Besides startups are established organizations such as CSEM, NCCR Robotics, the University of Bern, Bossard and the EPFL.