Stealth Key takes the crown at international design competition


The Stealth Key, the world’s first 3D metal printed key developed by the Zurich based start-up UrbanAlps, has won the 3D Pioneers Challenge “Design Award” including a € 3’500 prize.


The fourth 3D Pioneers Challenge (3DPC) is an International Design-competition for additive manufacturing with participants from USA, Israel, Australia, Germany, Switzerland and more. The platform for pioneers in 3D printing covers a range of verticals and is aimed at designers who are breaking new ground in the field of 3D printing. Stealth Key has won the 3D Pioneers Challenge 2019 at the 3D printing fair “Rapid.Tech + FabCon 3.D” in Germany from among 36 worldwide finalists. The Swiss Stealth Key will sit center court and be showcased in a roadshow at major international events. «The Stealth Key is arguably the world’s first killer application of 3D metal printing, it is time to decouple the concept of 3D printing from prototyping, we are now pioneering a new era of manufacturing and supply chain as the world has never seen», says UrbanAlps-founder and CEO Alejandro Ojeda. UrbanAlps has developed and sells the Stealth Key, a patent-protected purely mechanical key with invisible security features, while classic «security keys» might be photographed and duplicated by 3D-printing at low cost. In an industry where all players make keys by drilling holes in sheets of metal, UrbanAlps uses 3D metal printing to makes keys like never before. The start-up is located in Zurich, Dubai and Prague. (Press release)