Startupticker launches the new Startupticker App

A new version of the startupticker App was released this week in Zurich. The App enables users to receive the latest news and important events happening in the Swiss startup scene. The newly integrated features enable users set reminders, share the news and access our daily twitter account in the App. The App is available for both the iOS and Android devices.

Startupticker released a new version of the startupticker App this week during the startupticker brunch in Zurich. The App is designed with a simple and self-explanatory features to allow for easy accessibility and operation anywhere and anytime.

What is happening in the Swiss startup scene? Who raises how much venture capital and what unicorns are there on the Swiss startup scene? What kind of training is on offer to entrepreneurs? When and where is it happening? When do the Swiss Economic Award, the Swiss Startup Challenge, the CTI Medtech Award and many other award ceremonies take place? All this information can obtained in the App.

Benefits with the Startupticker app at a glance

  • The latest news and events at a glance thanks to the clear start screen
  • Current startup news several times a day from the experienced Startupticker editorial team
  • Events with detailed event information, favourites and reminder function
  • Easily share important news and events with your friends
  • Filter the events and find events, training and award deadlines quickly and easily
  • Receive a push notification for particularly important news
  • Many important sources of information and analyses can be found in the app's information section

The was app was developed in close collaboration with Apps with love.

Apple users: Existing App users with iOS software are advised to update the app or check if it has been already updated. Individuals without the App can now download the app from the App store.

Android users: Existing users should delete the old app and download the new version from Google Play. Those who do not have the app yet, can download it as well.

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