Startups selected for Venture DAY Zurich


The first Venture DAY 2018 will take place in Zurich on 18 April. 21 start-ups will pitch to investors and representatives of corporates. More than 150 participants have already registered; more than 130 one-to-one meetings have been scheduled.


The Venture DAY will include a keynote by Nicolas Bürer, Managing Director digitalswitzerland, one-to-one meetings and start-up pitches. Before the event the general assembly of Startup INVEST will be held. Registration via the Venture DAY website.

The selected start-ups for the event are:

Aesyra, Medtech, system for bruxism treatment

Biowatch, Interdisciplinary, biometric authentication module for watches

Clara, Interdisciplinary, turn signal vest for cyclists and runners

collectID, ICT – Blockchain, using blockchain technology and NFC hardware to verify collectibles

eggheads, ICT – Edtech, platform for further education including course evaluations

Elocations, ICT – Proptech, worldwide real estate hub

FemtoTools, Nanotech, high-precision instruments for mechanical testing and robotic handling in the micro- and nanodomains

Hegias, ICT – Proptech, Virtual Reality CMS for architects, homeowners, interior designers and brokers

Hylomorph, Medtech, platform technology preventing fibrotic encapsulation of soft tissue implantable medical devices

InterAX, Biotech, innovative drugs for for the largest class of human receptors

Invoya, Fintech, investment platform that allows investing savings consistent with the values and the lifestyle of the investor

MagCath, Medtech, patented solution for females suffering from stress incontinence

Mitipi, Interdisciplinary, electronic roommate designed to protect homes from burglars and robbers

Nanolive, Interdisciplinary, microscope to look instantly inside living cells in 3D

Nomoko, ICT, platform to interact and build applications on top of the digital twin of the world

SmartRidr, Interdisciplinary, foldable children seat for cars

SwissDiamondCoin, Crypto, diamond-based cryptocurrency

Swiss Vault Systems, ICT – Storage, green, high density, secure cluster computing

Twiice, Medtech, exoskeleton for disabled people

Vatorex, Interdisciplinary, system for beekeepers allowing an effective Varroa treatment

WeGaw, ICT-Travel, outdoor adventures marketplace

(Stefan Kyora)