Startups selected for Swiss Venture Day

On 14 September the 53rd Swiss Venture Day will take place in the Conference Center of the Prime Tower in Zurich. The selected startups are: Actlight, Archilogic, Econoxx, Insolight, Intento, Struckd and Velohub.

The Swiss Venture Day of Swiss Startup Invest will take place on 14 September for the firsttime in the Conference Center of the Prime Tower with the Support of the Restaurant Clouds. The format however stays the same. Seven start-ups will present their company in 6 Minutes pitches followed by 6 minutes Q&A. The event will begin at 1.30 pm and end at 5 pm so that participants can attend the Top 100 Swiss Startup Awards Ceremony afterwards. More information about the Swiss Venture Day on the website of Swiss Startup Invest.

In the morning there will be an Angelday from 0900-1230. The topic is “Reporting and Board Member for Startups”. This workshop will look into reporting aspects of early stage startups in different industries and business models. The goal is to define a small set of useful KPI’s relevant to the respective company, business model and stage of development. By doing this to avoid unnecessary workload for the founders/management a avoid presenting “vanity KPI’s” with no relevance for measuring progress. More information and registration for the Angelday on

The selected startups for the Swiss Venture Day:   

ActLight SA focuses in the field of CMOS photonics by developing a new type of photodetector. ActLight’s Dynamic PhotoDiode (DPD) technology brings light sensing to a new level. DPD has an outstanding performance comparable with modern avalanche photodiodes (APDs), but it does not require high voltage for its operation, which makes it imminently suitable for portable applications such as wearables, barcode scanners or gesture control sensors. Being a fabless company, ActLight specializes in the Intellectual Property (IP) of this area and provides supporting services like design and technology advice for its customers.

Archilogic creates digital, interactive 3D models of property interiors that can be explored and furnished directly in the browser. The 3D models do not require a software download, an app or any previous knowledge, and can be easily shared or embedded. Typical use cases are property showcases, project validation or office planning. The Archilogic team has already more than 15 members. The startup cooperates for example with Immobilienscout24.

Econoxx is an online marketplace for rest of High alloys materials and 2nd choice such as stainless steels, nickel and titanium alloys. Those assets and are too valuable to scrap. However only the fewest find the necessary time to do something about it, or they do not know to whom and how the materials can be sold at a descent price. Econoxx solves step by step these material issues. With its marketplace the company aims to maximize its customers revenue from residual material and overcapacity and improve your capital turnover. Parallel Econoxx offers a procurement channel which offer adequate quantities and high quality materials.

Insolight is building solar panels with double efficiency compared to conventional silicon panels. Insologht’s technology called “planar optical micro-tracking”, consists of thin optical layers that can redirect sunlight coming from any direction towards the concentrator. While many solar concentrators exist, they all present the same drawback: they need to be constantly aligned towards the sun. In Insolight’s case, the concentrator stays at a fixed position and can be mounted like any flat solar panels. This solution allows to drastically reduce the solar cell area.  

Every year, 17 million people worldwide suffer strokes – a third are left severely paralysed. Rehabilitation therapies available today can offer only little help. Intento is giving new hope to people with brain injuries. The user-friendly system they have developed consists of tablet software and a motion control device which is connected to an electrical stimulator. Initial studies show how effective the system is: 80 per cent of patients showed a clinically relevant improvement after two weeks compared to only 30% undergoing conventional intensive therapy. Intento plans to launch two versions of the product – one for use in hospitals, followed by a second for simple use at home.

Struckd’s app is a game creation tool allowing to create games in a simple and intuitive way which combines the fun of playing a game itself. Struckd was launched in July and is available for iOS and Android. The start-up has already launched two game packs. The game pack "Build your Feather Frenzy" lets you build, play and share your own action puzzle game. With "Forest Fortress" users can build their own fantasy forest with creatures, wolfs, warriors and more!

2000 cyclists die every year in Europe because of accidents with cars. And 75% of the accidents happen in junctions, where visual interaction between bikes and other vehicles is critical. The Velohub founders want to improve safety on bikes, by building the next generation of bike lights. Velub light are not more powerful, but they have a comprehensive set of new functionalities, including smart lights, turning indicators, a braking light and a laser safety perimeter. Velub has raised CHF50k through a successful Kickstarter Campaign.