Startups selected for Fintech Investor Day

Six start-ups will pitch at the sixth edition of the Swiss Fintech Investor Day. In addition to the pitches, panel discussions and keynotes will highlight topics such as the hottest fintech trends, the role of crypto in the investment landscape, and lessons learned from successes and failures.

The Swiss fintech scene has developed rapidly in recent years. The Swiss Fintech Investor Day has established itself as one of the key events. With its panel discussions, keynotes and workshops, the all-day conference offers an overview of the latest topics and trends. This year's event will once again take place on a hybrid basis, so that in addition to participants in Zurich, people around the globe will be able to follow the event.

Six start-ups will pitch to the audience this year.

BitsaboutMe is a tool to easily manage all personal data and a platform to share it with full transparency and control. When users agree to share they can earn money or other rewards. This data fairtrade model offers a competitive advantage for companies and institutions using BitsaboutMe. They can obtain high-quality data directly from their customers and no longer have to pay Google, Facebook and others.

Calingo is a digital insurance startup creating an innovative B2B2C insurance model that offers personalised and optimised risk protection at the point of sale. An example is a digital insurance solution integrated into a residential rental to enable tenants to purchase tailored insurance products such as private liability and household insurance with ease.

Cerchia enables direct transfer of event risk between protection buyers and protection sellers. Applying distributed ledger technology allows demand/supply-driven pricing through a decentralized market-place. The platform is cost-efficient, scalable, transparent and secure.

Findependent offers understandable investment solutions for individuals without technical jargon. A completely digital solution, Findependent selects the investments for its users and makes all information and access available on their smartphone. The start-up operates with a freemium business model. On the first 2,000 francs invested, no management or custody fees are charged.

Kaspar& now to make micro-saving possible for card payments as well. When paying with the Kaspar& card, the amount debited can be for example rounded up to the next franc. The rounded amount is invested directly in the Kaspar& investment portfolio. Savers can specify a thematic investment focus.

Relio offers SMEs a Swiss digital account. With its new approach to compliance and KYC, even complex companies can get an account with a Swiss IBAN within 24h. Relio is also developing tools and software integrations, that will help businesses to save time and be more productive.

Full agenda on the SICTIC website. Registration for the event is still open.