Startups guarantee maximum security of one million visitors at Fête des Vignerons


Large events, such as the recently held Fête des Vignerons in Vevey with one million visitors, require a thought-out safety and crowd management plan. The combination of Parquary’s camera technology with Antavis’ AI platform and solutions from established companies strengthened the security.


Since the 17th century (1797), the Fête des Vignerons has bringing together different generations, connecting people from the villages, the countryside and the vineyards, locals and foreigners. The event, organized by the Confrérie des Vignerons, is recognized by UNESCO on its list of intangible cultural heritage. This year more than one million people participated from 18 July to 12 August. For an event of such magnitude tight security measures and crowd management solutions top the list of priorities. Different companies came together to ensure safety for the staff, participants and attendees. On behalf of the Canton de Vaud, Parquery, a spin-off from ETH Zürich used its innovative AI algorithms in Securiton’s cameras that were installed at 14 locations in Vevey. Parquery’s algorithms analyzed images taken by the cameras, detected the presence of people and provided an API with the number of people detected to Antavi in real-time. By integrating other data sources, such as Swisstraffic’s BlueScan beacons, Antavi’s crowd management solution delivered real-time analytics and reports, enabling security officers to control crowd flows in an optimal way. The collaboration between Parquery and Canton de Vaud, the Zurich based software startup Antavi, Securiton and Swisstraffic made the event a remarkably successful. Ulf Blanke, CEO of Antavi, comments: “With Parquery we were able to extend our platform with precise and a cost-efficient data source. Its seamless integration into our geographical system for crowd analytics, allowed us to guide the crowd managers' attention across the entire inner city without the need for monitoring each camera manually. We hope to collaborate in the future to digitize the safety service economy together.” Andrea Fossati, CEO of Parquery, says: “We are extremely happy to show that our technology is not only applicable to parking management, but it also has several additional useful use-cases. Crowd management is among the most interesting ones, and Fête des Vignerons gives us a great opportunity to prove the accuracy and effectiveness of our computer vision engine.” About ParqueryFounded in 2014 as a spin-off from ETH Zürich, Parquery analyses any image from any already-installed camera to provide real-time results to customers in the smart city - smart mobility sectors. No additional infrastructure is required. Among our solutions are smart parking, fuel station management, bus depot management or warehouse optimization for instance. Parquery operates more than 60 projects in 31 countries worldwide. About AntaviFounded in 2015, the Zurich based software startup offers web-based solutions and a mobile application for crowd management and communication among the crowd, event managers and security personnel at large scale events. (Press release/ran)Photo: Fête des Vignerons