Startups from Ticino in the spotlight


Eleven startups had the opportunity to present their solutions to investors at the Venture Day Lugano. The majority of the startups were early stage companies, most of them have nevertheless already paying customers.


Although it is only a two hours ride from Zurich, Ticino and start-ups from Ticino are often not recognized in other parts of Switzerland. The Venture Day Lugano, where nine companies from Ticino (plus isense and myProfashional from Zurich) pitched to investors offered a good opportunity to discover promising young companies from the canton. The Venture Day Lugano was organised by Startup Invest. Event Partners were SICTIC, Agire, Boldbrain, CP Startup and TiVENTURE. 

The eleven selected startups: 

DAC System – the company offers specific monitoring and control solutions for Radio Frequency (RF)-systems. The DAC system allows for monitoring the power and the quality of the signals, up in the very high towers, where the signals are radiated with up to 160kW. The products are in use in several European countries and the USA. 

Iridis - develops an artificial intelligence solution, the IRIDIS visual control for manufacturing companies seeking real-time complex visual inspection. The IRIDIS platform captures, analyses and measures real-time the quality of each product by comparing them with an image dataset of defects initially processed and classified by IRIDIS proprietary algorithm. 

I'm back –transforms old analogue cameras into hybrids. The startup developed I'm Back PRO, a digital back that can be mounted on any analogue camera, enabling photographers to shoot digital photos without giving up the analogue mode and at the same time being able to switch between modes faster. 

isense  - is a platform that connects food and beverage manufacturers with flavor houses. iSense's core is the sensory profiling of flavors to bring comparability, discrimination, and sharper flavor choice. By digitalizing flavors, iSense introduces a data-based approach to flavors collection management and the first B2B digital flavor marketplace with thousands of flavors and their digital profiles. 

iWin – the startup has developed and patented an innovative window solution to integrate flexible thin film photovoltaic cells into venetian blinds that are enclosed inside an insulating window. The solution protects buildings from overheating in summer and solar radiation, and at the same time, it produces renewable electricity.

myProfashional – is a platform that connects individuals that love shopping with independent and authentic experts, stylists and influencers to go shopping together. The "Profashionals" offer shoppers unbiased style advice, free from any sales intentions. The Profashionals are independent and competent fashion guides who provide styling tips. 

Nextpark – an app that automatically detect free parking spot through specific sensors 

SQUYNC – Squync is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution and e-commerce platform offering stock music and sound. The platform allows video makers to synchronize and customize audio to video projects entirely online. The startup collaborates with authors and music producers who deliver unique music to the platform, which is later licensed to video producers, giving them the freedom to alter the composition of music. 

TellTheHotel – the startup delivers chatbot solutions for hotels and hotel chains, serving guests before, during, and after their stay. By integrating with hotel official websites and the mostly used chatting apps (Facebook messenger, Whatsapp), the solution enables guests to book, buy extra services, and receive required information about the hotel, without leaving their favourite instant messaging chat. 

Ticinsect – the startup aims to manufacture insect-derived sustainable animal feed ingredients as substitutes for animal-derived protein meals and fats. The team developed a solution that uses food waste from local food processors to feed insects, from which TicInsect extracts protein and lipids.

Advanced CGS Systems – aims to digitalise every Corporate Governance area like board, audit, risk, compliance, organization,management, operations with the helpof artificial intelligence. The start-up has developes three apps under the brand name CGS One covering Integrated Risk, Compliance, Organisation and IT management as well as Document Process Management and Customer Management.