Startups explore market opportunities in Latin America

In early February, eight startups completed the Academia Industry Training program in Mexico, enabling them to explore the market for their products. A new cohort from Switzerland will travel to Brazil in March to delve into the Latin American market.

Organised by the Leading House for the Latin American Region, Conacyt and the AIT Startups led by the University of St.Gallen, the Academia Industry Training (AIT) in Mexico allows startups to meet key stakeholders, investors, potential customers and decision-makers in Mexico and learn more about the country. With a population of more than 120 million people, Mexico has been growing its purchasing power, and thanks to its free trade agreement with the United States and Canada, market players get access to markets in neighbouring countries.

After a one-week camp in Switzerland, six Swiss startups travelled to Mexico for another camp from January 30 - February 3, 2023. The following startups participated in the second edition of the program. Three startups offer sustainable energy and cleantech solutions for instance, Rrreefs aims to rebuild degraded coral reefs with 3D systems, Voltiris develops colour-optimised solar modules for greenhouses, and Upgrain offers upcycling processes to mechanically extract proteins and dietary fibres from brewers’ spent. Alkemie developed H2Optim, a hydrogen cell system designed to reduce the car’s gasoline consumption. In other sectors, Adira Health empowers women suffering from high blood pressure through patient-centred health and well-being care pathways while Geminise designs analogue and digital electronic circuits to meet industry standards.

AIT Brazil is in progress
The next chapter of AIT Startups focuses on the Brazilian market. The AIT Brazil is an initiative by the Leading House for the Latin American Region and swissnex in Brazil,  After a week-long period in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo in November last year, eight Swiss startups together with the Brazilian startups will pursue another week of learning in Switzerland from March 20-24, 2023.

Groam | ETH Zurich | Zuzana Sedivà – is developing proprietary bio-based and biodegradable materials, foamed using standard industrial machinery and novel foaming technology.

Naturloop | Bern University of Applied Sciences | Daniel Dinizo – developed a technology to upcycle coconut husks in combination with a natural adhesive system to manufacture wood-based panel alternatives.

CondenZero | University of Zurich Denys Sutter – developed a product is based on a novel cryo-technology (patent filed), cooling down in minutes and sustaining temperature for 24+ hours.

Upgrain | University of St. Gallen | Eduard Müller – developed a highly innovative upcycling process to mechanically extract proteins and dietary fibers from Brewers Spend Grain efficiently and sustainably.

Alter Ego | ETH Zurich | Fayçal M'hamdi – wants to build a virtual fitting room on shopping platforms based on its technology that creates an accurate 3D body and extracts all  body measurements.

DAAV | EPFL | Mohsen Falahi – developed a robotic wheelchair to provide full motion freedom for people with reduced mobility with the focus on using this tech in airports.

Wyblo | University of St. Gallen | Stefano Marchese – is the Learning Experience Platform designed to put people back at the center of the learning process.

Authentic Seafood Analogues - ETH Zurich – utilizes a novel texturization platform to develop, scale, and implement authentic seafood analogues that match taste, texture, appearance, and nutritional quality of actual seafood.