Startups buckle up for growth

Kingfluencers, Dufour Aero, Amazee Labs, Linxon and GreenState have had a change of leadership with new CEOs and an Executive Chairman to lead the startups though their next growth stage.

Kingfluencers, two Co-CEOs
Kingfluencers, a fast-growing Swiss company specialising in influencer marketing enables anyone to create and run influencer marketing campaigns with minimal overhead using its in-house custom tools. The startup has appointed Anja Lapčević und Yoeri Callebaut to take on co-CEOs’ roles this month. Lapčević has been the company’s Chief Influence Officer at Kingfluencers for over a year, and Callebaut was the Chief Growth and Marketing Officer. In their new roles, Lapčević will be responsible for Operations, HR and Creativity at Kingfluencers and for all influencers while Callebaut take over roles in financial planning, marketing, clients and technology.

Dufour Aerospace – Philllipe Lutz is new CFO
Dufor, the developer of VTOL technology demonstrator aerobatic planes aEro 1 and aEro 2, has welcomed Philippe Lutz for the role of Chief Financial Officer. Philippe has over 20 years of experience in supporting innovative companies with their funding and financial planning needs. His career has spanned over Credit Suisse’s investment bank where he managed IPOs, follow-on and secondary transactions with a focus on Swiss issuers; two biotech companies: Synosia Therapeutics and Telormedix, where he was CFO; and again Credit Suisse, where he, among others, supported young growth companies and unicorns with their private equity financing needs. He holds a Master’s degree from University of St. Gallen in Finance and Capital Markets.

Amazee Labs – Gesche Wirch takes on CEO role
Amazee Labs, a global Drupal specialist with offices in Texas, Zurich and Cape Town, has made leadership changes; Gesche Wirch, who joined Amazee Labs three years ago, has taken over the CEO role, succeeding Stephanie Lüpold. With a background in development, Gesche started as a project owner and progressed up the ranks. She managed some of the company’s largest projects and gained trust and respect from both team and clients.

Linxon – CEO to accelerate growth
Founded in 2013, Linxon combines Hitachi ABB Power Grids deep technological knowledge and SNC-Lavalin’s project management expertise to create a company dedicated to substations. To grow the business and position Linxon as an outstanding partner in our key segments,  The company’s Board of Directors has appointed Stefan Reisacher as CEO to lead the company in a new growth phase. Stefan brings a background in engineering and broad experience across the power industry, including senior roles at Alstom, ABB and since 2018 at Linxon on the senior management team leading the company’s EMEA operations and then as interim CEO. He is a graduate of the Technical University of Munich and holds an MBA from the University of Reading’s Henley Business School.

GreenState AG –  Executive Chairman
GreenState AG is a Swiss-American AgroTech Company focusing on disruptive technological development in indoor/vertical precision agriculture, modern greenhouse practices, and artificial intelligence. The startup AG has assembled a stellar team of ex-perts to confront planetary food supply challenges. Renowned scientist, Professor Daniel L. Farkas has joined GreenState AG as a founding partner, to lead the effort to preserve the planet’s natural resources through disruptive technologies for controlled environment agriculture and food analysis. Farkas will also become the company’s Executive Chairman and Chief Scientist.

Farkas is a former Fulbright scholar, who directed a National Science & Technology Center at Carnegie Mellon University that won the Smithsonian Award for Science. He also served as a Professor of Bioengineering at University of Pittsburgh, and Professor and Vice-chairman for Research at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. He is investigating the living state with light in biology, bioengineering, medicine, and green technologies. This yielded 200+ articles, 32 books, 29 patents and $80MM in academic funding. He chaired 34 international conferences, and his work was recognised with prestigious awards. He founded 11 biomedical and agricultural startups and advised Bill Gates on technologies “for the world’s bottom billion people” as a Global Good Fellow.

(Press release/RAN)
Photo: L-R: Anja Lapčević und Yoeri Callebaut, Philllipe Lutz, Gesche Wirch, Stefan Reisacher & Daniel Farkas