Startups accelerate their growth trajectory with Microsoft

Six deeptech startups offering solutions for a range of industries look forward a new journey with Microsoft. The teams will receive business support, mentorship and access to technology to accelerate their growth.

Microsoft for Startups is a global program dedicated to helping tech startups to build their business by offering access to Microsoft technologies and tools including Azure, GitHub, and Microsoft Teams. Startups in this program also receive technical support and mentorship to help them manoeuvre around roadblocks and can profit from Microsoft global brand, sales teams, and the commercial marketplace to reach more customers.

Below are the new startups in the program:

Akenza offers a low-code IoT platform allowing users to build IoT products and services by connecting, controlling, and managing such IoT devices. By offering multiple Output connectors, akenza allows customers further data processing in 3rd party applications with minimal effort. Thanks to Microsoft’s support, akenza users can now connect their Azure IoT Hub instance as a data destination for easy device data processing in a few clicks, and usage for any Azure product. Thanks to automation, the solution allows for secure, reliable communication between any Low Power sensor and the Azure IoT Hub.

VU Engineering
Established in 2018, VU Engineering develops Autonomous Visual Inspection Systems (AVIS) for manufacturers and transportation companies across Europe and Asia. Its deep learning-enabled inspection platform helps companies extract actionable information from videos and pictures. The solution integrates with the work of the inspection operators and learns how to support and automate the most complex inspection processes, such as visual quality inspection of highly reflective metallic parts and freight vehicles. By joining the Microsoft for startups program, the startup will bring its product to the Azure Cloud, allowing it to reach more customers.

Leveraging the founders’ 20+ years of combined experience with Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing, DeepJudge offers a system that leverages the latest deep learning technology to assist legal practitioners in a range of language-oriented tasks, such as anonymization of text, information extraction, and legal semantic research. The program offers the founding team valuable resources to advance its AI models, and access to Microsoft's technical expertise and customer ecosystem.

Amnis Treasury Services AG
The fintech startup led by Michael Wuest (CEO) developed the Amnis WebApp to offer SME finance managers access to simple, low-fee monetary transfers, and help prevent financial transactions from being a barrier to even the smallest businesses. The platform has rapidly grown to become a leading money transfer platform for SMS in that by 2020, over 1,300 business customers had been using it. In the same period, the startup also recorded a foreign exchange and international payments turnover of more than half a billion Euro. In addition to dedicated technical and business support, amnis is currently also working on an integration with Microsoft Business Central to further strengthen the partnership and reduce the administrative burden of its clients. This extension will be listed on the Dynamics AppSource marketplace and will allow users to seamlessly issue international payments directly from their Business Central cockpit.

Witty works
The Zurich based startup developed a text-editing tool that enables companies to unlock diversity and become inclusive. The tool checks texts for discrimination in real-time and suggests inclusive language to help clients avoid unconscious stereotypes in their communication. The newly launched solution is available on the web. Thanks to the partnership with Microsoft, Witty will be uploaded on the Azure platform. Besides being included in the Microsoft sales program, Witty will also be available as a plugin for Microsoft word.

Founded by Nitin Kumar (CDO),  Valerio Mazzone (CTO) and Aldo Lamberti (CEO), Syntheticus is dedicated to bringing entities the latest in privacy-enhancing technologies. It provides a solution that uses cutting-edge AI to generate synthetic data for different file formats and ensures that entities stay compliant while unlocking their full data potential. The startup will use Microsoft’s full suite of products including Microsoft Azure and Marketplace to reach a global audience in a short time, with built-in redundancy and security.