Startup Guide planned for Zurich

Zurich is the first Swiss city to join the Startup Guide book collection. Startup Guide is a book for anyone interested in starting up a business or curious about the startup scene of a city. The public is invited to nominate startups and players in the startup scene of Zurich that should be featured. Nomination closes on 4th September.

Founded in 2014, Startup Guide is a content and self-publishing company. The company seeks to inspire and empower entrepreneurs to become more successful through in-depth guides of startup cities all over the world. For the past three years, Startup Guide has been producing and publishing books for cities including Berlin, Stockholm, Copenhagen, London, Vienna, Lisbon and Paris, and distributing more than 25,000 books worldwide.

Startup guide is now expanding to Switzerland and will be focusing on Zurich first because of its balanced economy, efficiency, quality of life and fast-growing startup ecosystem. The Startup Guide Zürich will highlight the stories and opportunities of the city whilst covering information on city essentials, case studies, experts, local tips, insights and helpful addresses for starting up in Zurich.

Startup Guide founder Sissel Hansen says, “The guide we are making in Zurich will create a good starting point for upcoming entrepreneurs. Zurich is not well known as a startup city in Europe, although it has one of the most well connected co-working spaces and a university with a strong entrepreneurial focus. We are delighted to step into the Swiss market and we are looking forward to expanding to other cities in Switzerland in the future.”

Collaboration with Impact Hub Zurich
Startup Guide Zurich is supported by the Raiffeisen Bank which is sponsoring the project and Impact Hub Zürich as the main project facilitator.

“We are very excited about this opportunity to bring Startup Guide to Zürich, and to put a spotlight on the entrepreneurial ecosystem around the startup hub,” says Christoph Birkholz, cofounder of Impact Hub Zürich. “The greater Zürich area offers a strong environment for entrepreneurial activities with its stable economic framework, its strong education sector and the presence of leading technical universities, as well as key financial and corporate players. The number of companies being founded in and around Zurich is constantly growing. Bringing Startup Guide to Zürich is just the logical consequence.”

The Startup Guide is expected to be ready in January 2018 and will be available as a print book, e-book and app format.

Nominations are still open
Everyone can contribute to the book by nominating the startups, incubators and founders they want to see in the Guide. The nominations close on September 4, 2017. The Startup Guide team also calls on startups and contributors to the Zurich startup ecosystem that want to be featured to submit their applications.