Startup Essentials / Acceleration Workshops open for applications

The Startup Essentials / Acceleration Workshops of venturelab are a series of 8 modules covering the know-how and tools required to accelerate the development of startups. Start: October 5th at EPF Lausanne and October 4th at ETH Zurich.

Speed and execution are of essence for entrepreneurs willing to put their startup on the success path. In order to help entrepreneurs validate, execute and accelerate their project, venturelab launched a series of modular workshops called “Startup Essentials / Acceleration Workshops”.

In partnership with academic institutions (EPFL, ETHZ), the workshops are open to Master, doctoral candidates, postdocs or members of staff at EPFL/ETHZ carrying a solid high tech startup project and  willing to “stress test” their priorities while moving forward. The program is also a good opportunity to get connected with the community of startup founders and learn from their experience. As such, successful founders and industry experts present at the workshops, such as the "Entrepreneur Of The Year" Viktor Calabrò from STAFF FINDER, Dr. Karim Maizar partner at Kellerhals Carrard Anwälte (photo), Jim Pulcrano from IMD or Jordi Montserrat from venturelab.

What participants say about the program Many startups and candidates have given a positive feedback, such as Raphaël Gindrat, CEO of the EPFL spin-off BestMile: “The program forces entrepreneurs to ask themselves the right questions in terms of priorities, in order to put their project on the success path. The workshops’ fast pace sheds light on the essential aspects that a startups needs to think of and know. You can learn a lot rapidly and focus on what is important.”

Venturelab also received great feedback from participants at ETH Zurich, such as Gian Filippo Floriddia, co-founder of WedMap: “First of all – big thanks to the guys behind these workshops. They did a really great job organizing everything and getting the best speakers to run the workshops. We learned everything from how to build a solid ground for your business, grow it and raise investment. To be honest, without these workshops we definitely wouldn’t be at the place we are now.”

The résumé of each module taught at ETH Zurich (the workshops’ structure is identical at EPF Lausanne) can be found here.

Applications are now open for the workshops starting on October 5th at EPF Lausanne and October 4th at ETH Zurich. Candidates can assist to the full workshops series or to the individual workshops of their choice. Founders should send their full application at least five days prior to the next course.

Information and mandatory applications:

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