Start Summit 2017 brings innovation in a new dimension

START Global, a student association of the University of St. Gallen and its partners will host over 1500 guests including investors, entrepreneurs and like-minded individuals at the Start summit in St. Gallen in 2017. The two day event comprises of a wide range of activities ranging from keynotes, 1:1 meetings, and workshops to recruiting, networking, pitching etc. Startups will again compete for the Start Summiteer prize. Registration is now. Early-bird tickets are available until 31. December.

START Summit is a two day event hosting over 1500 participants among them 300 startups, 150 investors and a large public of like-minded people interested in learning and exploring the startup ecosystem in Switzerland. The event’s objective is to bring together high-profile investors and founders to provide funding to early-stage start-ups.

“START Summit is a platform to connect investors and startups. That is why we organized several event formats which foster this matching process and facilitate dialogue among the stakeholders and to bring the technical experience down to earth with many hands-on experiences,” says Sharon Merzbacher, Head of Public Relations of Start Global.

Intelligence, Augmented / Virtual Reality, Blockchain and IoT With the focus topics on Artificial Intelligence, Augmented / Virtual Reality, Blockchain and IoT, the event covers the crucial developments in the entrepreneurship and technology ecosystem. In keynote speeches, panel discussions and debates relevant issues on current technology trends in these fields and beyond will be highlighted. As keynote speakers, the summit is hosting futurist Aubrey de Grey from SENS Institute in Silicon Valley, Carlo Ratti, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) professor for architecture with a strong focus on connectivity and Roland Siegwart, and Professor at ETH Zurich in Autonomous Systems (AI). Also entrepreneurs such as Pascal Kaufmann, founder and CEO of Starmind to Shai Wininger, founder of Fiverr and Lemonade will share their success stories. Furthermore participants have the chance to participate in the 30 minute fireside chats and Interviews to witness how industry disrupters are challenging the status quo set by current industry leaders.

Start Summit for know-how exchange START Summit 2017 provides unique industry and tech insights for early-stage and late seed stage start-ups. Thanks to the tailored workshops, participants have the opportunity to attend various exploration sessions such as; Background sessions to facilitate a deep knowledge transfer between industry leaders and emerging newcomers, closed and open workshops which will be conducted by professional industry leaders, and coaching with co-working possibility also led by experienced professionals. These sessions are open to everyone and will be structured around the creation and development of solutions for tomorrow in terms of user design, sales strategy or online marketing. Participante will be able to work on their products and ideas with the help of industry and tech experts.

Networking and 1:1 meetings The summit is an ideal opportunity to meet individuals from all over the world. The event will host more than 1500 participants of which are investors, mentors, startups, potential customers, students, individuals seeking employment opportunities, those in search for a co-worker or individuals simply interested in exploring the startup eco system. Moreover the event offers individuals 1:1 meetings to connect startups with investors, and speed-dating sessions designed to provide start-ups and students with a format to connect with potential employers, colleagues and partners.

Pitching competitions and awardsThe 2017 Start Summit will also give startups founders and those who want to found their businesses the opportunity to present their startups and ideas respectively before the audience. These will be organized in different pitching sessions:


The Start Factor with the motto „Prove or go home” tailored for seed and early stage startups as well as innovative ideas from ambitious entrepreneurs who want to get direct feedback as well as gain valuable insights and experience in pitching their idea or startup.

Founders of the Year pitching competition, in which startups from the University of St. Gallen have the chance to pitch and the best startup will be crowned and given the title Founder of the year.

START Summiteer: The START Summiteer competition allows the 30 startups to pitch in front of influential and experienced investors. The award and selection process will take place from Thursday till Saturday. Six startups that make it to through will be invited to pitch on the Main Stage on the last day of the Summit. The best startup will be bestowed on the prize. Startups from all branches are eligible to apply. Registration begins on 1. February 2017 and ends on 15 March 2017.