Starmind's AI solution to unite 12’000 employees

Starmind, a Zurich based company specialising in cognitive computing has developed an AI solution for one of the world’s oldest advertising agencies, J. Walter Thompson Company (JWT). More than 12000 employees in the JWT’s global network can now ask questions and get access to company know-how in real-time.

Starmind developed a solution that enables company employees to ask questions and to get access to company know-how in real-time when facing a business challenge, looking for solutions or being a step ahead when talking to clients. The solution is based on artificial intelligence to automatically route any employee’s question to the right expert within the organization.

Thanks to their innovative solution, Starmind was contracted by one of the world’s oldest advertising Agency, J. Walter Thompson Company (JWT) to develop a solution for its network of more than 12’000 employees. In collaboration with Mirum, a global digital agency with 45 offices around the world, Starmind developed Pangaea.

Pagaea resolves an inevitable organizational challenge that many large networks face: knowing whom to turn to when you have a question that your typical channels cannot answer. It combines neuroscience and AI development to help employees tap into the knowledge that exists within the JWT network. Employees can ask any question on a campaign, a client, a sales lead etc. through the platform, and as others respond, Pangaea logs and rates the quality of the answers, learning who is best equipped to tackle certain questions and what existing answers offer the best solution. The platform is currently available to everyone in the J. Walter Thompson network via desktop or mobile device and is available in multiple languages.

“Pangaea is named after the supercontinent that once existed before the continents broke apart and became what we know them to be today. The solution is our way of bringing the world back together - removing the barriers of time and language - so that our global community is connected across cultures and disciplines, becoming more accessible to each other - and more collaborative - than ever before”, said Tamara Ingram, Worldwide CEO of J. Walter Thompson.

“Our partnership with Starmind has been critical in developing what is our most ambitious effort to apply AI in a way that improves the way we work together as a network,” said Jamie McLellan, J. Walter Thompson Company’s Chief Technology Officer. “With Starmind’s AI building block as the cognitive engine for Pangaea, we’ve created something that allows our staff to contribute to projects beyond their typical day-to-day. It makes us better positioned to create extraordinary work for our clients. This is no gimmick.” 

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