Sports equipment rental machines now in Zurich


Three months following its inception, has launched the first sports-equipment rental machines on the Zurich Allemend site. The solution should encourage people to participate in outdoor sports more frequently at any time while saving money.


Outdoor sports can be cumbersome, especially when transporting equipment is involved. The Zurich start-up, founded by Tim Michaelis and Janine Neumeyer, has set the mission to eliminate this constraint by providing sports- equipment-for-rent in outdoor areas such as outdoor parks. The company has built rental machines to provide diverse sports equipment. Users can borrow the equipment using their mobile phones via the application. After registering on the website, users receive an access code with which they can open the 'Sportainer'. Payments are also concluded through the app. has now installed the first Sportainers with variety of sports equipment on the Zurich Allmend site. Next week the team will launch two additional Sportainers at Badi Mythenquai in Zürich where visitors can rent table tennis and other play sports equipment to turn their 'Badi' visit into a sportastic experience. After covering the Zurich city this summer, the startup intends to roll out the solution across Switzerland and expand the assortment of sports equipment in the sportainers. This stage of development will be facilitated by the funds obtained through the ongoing crowdfunding campaign on We Make It. According to  Janine Neumeyer Co-founder of, the company provides only easy to use and self-explanatory equipment will be provided such as badminton or football. In addition, the company adapts the range of products according to the location – for instance at the skatePark or the Zürifit in Zurich the company offers users the opportunity play-sports, fitness and skate equipment.(RAN)