Spirochem completes fundraise to support accelerated growth


SpiroChem AG, the Swiss fine chemicals company specialised in creating novel building blocks for use in drug discovery by pharma and biotech partners, today announced the completion of a successful fundraising to invest in further growth as demand for SpiroChem’s products and services continues to increase.


SpiroChem has continued to deliver a strong performance across all areas of the business. As a result, additional investment to scale the business is required to meet demand and further improve efficiency.  The net proceeds from the funds raised will be used to accelerate sales and increase internal productivity by investing in state-of-the-art equipment.

The Company has completed this fundraising in parallel with its recent relocation to new, enlarged facilities in Basel.  SpiroChem’s growing customer base reflects the Company’s premium service offering and specialism in crafting innovative solutions for problems encountered in challenging and complex projects in the medicinal chemistry field. 

Thomas Fessard, CEO of SpiroChem, commented: “This is an exciting time for SpiroChem as both the funds raised and relocation of the business provides the building blocks for us to significantly expand our operations as well as foster collaborations with existing and new customers and partners. We are delighted by the support our UK and Swiss investors have shown during this fundraise and their recognition of our strong progress and reputation as a partner of choice in the life sciences industry for outsourcing drug discovery research. “As a result, we are making excellent progress and continue on our growth trajectory towards becoming a leading innovation and drug discovery partner to the pharmaceutical industry.”

SpiroChem AG is a Swiss Fine Chemical Company founded in 2011 as an ETH-Zürich spin-off (group of Prof. Erick Carreira).  SpiroChem has established itself as a world-leader in the field of novel building blocks for drug discovery and the expert on bioisosteric switch strategies. The Company has a broad portfolio of clients across the biotech and pharmaceutical industry as well as world-leading fine chemical companies.