Sparrow Analytics joins forces with Swiss Post

Sparrow Analytics is partnering with Swiss Post to provide Swiss citizens with hyperlocal air quality information. Sparrow has equipped Swiss Post's postal vehicles with its patent-pending Nodes (Multi Micro Sensors Unit) to collect and aggregate air pollution data at street level, providing crucial air quality information to Swiss citizens right on their doorsteps in five major cities, to start with.

Air pollution is a well-documented health risk, contributing to premature death, respiratory disease in adults and children, sleep disorders and cancer in some cases. European and Swiss regulations are progressively lowering permissible levels of particulate matter (PM10, 2.5, 1) and toxic gases such as NO2, O3 and CO. The demand for accurate, hyper-local air quality data is therefore critical. Sparrow Analytics' collaboration with Swiss Post is an important step towards meeting this need. This initiative will initially cover major cities such as Geneva, Lausanne, Bern, Basel and Zurich. This first phase will encompass almost 100 zip codes and nearly 2.3 million inhabitants, with plans for a nationwide rollout in the future. Philip Michel, project manager at Swiss Post: “This project fits perfectly with our vision of powering a modern Switzerland with our capabilities. That's why we're working with Sparrow Analytics.

The partnership between Sparrow and the Swiss Post aims to enhance public health by providing hyperlocal air quality data at street level. This initiative will empower Swiss citizens with detailed information about air pollution in their immediate environment, enabling them to make informed decisions about their health and lifestyles, such as choosing where to live and planning outdoor activities. By focusing on community and innovation, this collaboration allows Sparrow to expand its services across major Swiss cities, ultimately fostering a healthier and more informed society.

Contacted by, COO and co-founder Max Interbrick, explains that  hyperlocal air quality data collection began two months ago in Lausanne and Geneva. Interestingly, the startup's sensors mounted on Swiss Post vehicles were among the first to detect Saharan dust clouds over Switzerland a month ago. Further proof of the potential of Sparrow's solution.

Today, the Vaud-based startup offers two products in Switzerland: an air quality index (AQI), street and address-linked, and an air quality certificate (AQC) for specific locations. So far, the company co-founded by Max Interbrick and Elshad Hajiyev is witnessing a growing demand for hyperlocal air data. The data is intended to be integrated into real estate platforms like, allowing users to access air quality information for apartments and houses based on their addresses. The company has also seen strong interest from insurance companies, who could use the data in their risk calculations and in the healthcare sector in general.

Expansion in Switzerland and the USA

To meet demand from other Swiss cities, the startup plans to review the situation with the Swiss Post in the coming months, and to continue deployment in the second half of the year. As for expansion abroad, the startup has big plans. It has just signed an agreement with a major player in ground fleets in the United States. By the end of the year, the Vaud-based company plans to monitor 6 to 7 North American cities, and to launch a Series A financing round in the process.

Pictute: Post vans with Sparrow Analytics' Sparrow mounted on the roof