SnowHaze version 2.0 for enhanced internet privacy has launched

Zurich based startup Illotros GmbH has launched version 2.0 of their App, SnowHaze, a no-log VPN service and search engine for iOS devices. SnowHaze is a fast and easy to use browser with extensive anti-phishing possibilities designed to improve user privacy and security on the internet. The App is now available is the Apple App store.

SnowHaze was designed by five students from ETH Zurich with the aim of improving privacy in the internet by combining a very intuitive user interface with the best possible tools for protecting personal data.

The App offers its own no-logs VPN Service on dedicated servers in five countries and an own search engine. Authorization for the VPN is user-independent, therefore compared to other VPN services, users are not identifiable in the authorization process. SnowHaze is the first VPN provider that only requires user's IP address for providing the service. The IP address is stored temporarily to transfer the data and is immediately deleted after the connection has ended, hence protecting users from unwanted Web monitoring and marketing.

The new version of SnowHaze comes with two layer extensive anti-phishing protection. The first layer is the built-in extensive anti-phishing list of and the locally stored Google Safe-browsing database. The second layer is a new function that offers users to label trusted websites. This offers users the possibility to recognize phishing sites when providing login credentials on a website that is not on the personal trusted site list.

New features for enhanced privacy
While number of recognized and blocked trackers and ads has increased in the newest version, the number of private sites that are recognized and prevented from appearing in the history has increased tenfold. Moreover, the App comes with a number of features that allow users to apply site specific settings only temporarily. These, among others include, JavaScript, Canvas Fingerprinting protection or history saving.

SnowHaze is accessible to everybody thanks to strong default settings, yet still offering detailed settings for advanced users.

(Press release/ran)