Sizeable award prizes for Swiss startups

Artificial intelligence is at the core of diverse solutions from several startups that have been awarded in the recently held competitions. The winners secured varying prizes, with Soort receiving the highest award packet, comprising support worth $350’000 from Google for Startups.

The START Lausanne Award prize 2024 went to Zephior, which presented their solution to the audience following 6 months of "Pitch, Coach, Repeat". The startup leverages advanced artificial intelligence to revolutionize the proposal management process for B2B software companies, helping them create a knowledge base. Based on organisations’ previous proposals and documentation, the platform streamlines the Request for Proposal (RFP) process, reducing the time and emotional stress associated with creating proposals. In addition to three years of coaching with Genilem and access to local partners, Zephior received a cash prize of CHF 30'000.

SOORT joins Google for Startups
The new Google for Startups’ program is specifically designed for AI startups, providing them with $350,000 in resources over two years in addition to access to AI experts and training, to fast-track their AI-driven innovations. SOORT is one of the selected startups. The Zurich-based startup developed an AI-powered app platform to promote sustainable e-commerce shopping. During the program, the startup’s team will leverage Google's cutting-edge AI technologies and solutions to enhance its platform’s capabilities.

Mars Habitat Challenge awards Roboa
Out of the three finalists that made it to the finale of the Mars Habitat Challenge by Hagerbach, a competition highlighting innovative solutions that could make life on Mars possible, the audience voted for Roboa as the winner. The startup will set up a CHF 10,000 pilot at the Hagerbach Test Gallery. Roboa is a Zurich-based startup revolutionizing confined space exploration with advanced robotics, minimizing down-time and increasing operational safety. Its cutting-edge, snake-like robot employs growing-based locomotion to go where no humans or other robots can go. With remarkable maneuverability, it autonomously senses its surroundings and supplies liquids.

HITS welcomes new startups
The House of Insurtech Switzerland (HITS), a subsidiary of Generali, is an InsurTech studio, where startups co-create customer-centric solutions for Generali Business Units. Eight startups have been selected to join HITS in the first quarter of this year. Among them are four Swiss startups. Calvin Risk from Zurich developed a risk management platform to assess and manage the risks of AI algorithms in commercial use. Legal-I from Bern helps insurances and hospitals to assess risks of medical cases. Its solution transforms medical records (PDFs) into interactive patient histories. With one click the insurance or hospital sees all diagnosis of the past. And shows similar cases found in the archive of the insurance & hospital. This comparison allows us to make a prognosis about the most likely outcome of the new case and the best possible treatments. Bern-based Cartinx developed an app to quickly and easily find a suitable garage to handle car damage. The process is straightforward: after registering the insurance and uploading pictures of the damage in the app, users receive quotes from various garages in their region. Zurich-based Avian AG enables early fire prevention and reduced downtime via AI-powered thermal Cameras.