Six ventures embark on a six-month journey at DayOne Accelerator

The DayOne Accelerator selection committee has chosen six ventures to join its program from January to June 2021 to transform their ideas into sustainable digital ventures. The startups are developing solutions to boost value-based healthcare, patient-centric Innovation and diabetes care.

The DayOne Accelerator program offers life sciences ventures a platform to further develop their ideas into sustainable and investible businesses by providing them with coaching, workshops, and introducing them to ecosystem partners.  The recent call attracted over 100 applications from which the selection committee selected 30 finalists then six most promising ventures from Switzerland, Estonia and the UK to proceed with the program.

The newly selected cohort will kick off the six-month program starting with a  virtual boot camp on 11 January, running for three weeks followed by the main program until July 2021.

The cohort comprises the following ventures:

OptiChroniX (Bottmingen BL)  - is developing a single application (myAVOS) to provide access to affordable individualised cognitive and behavioural therapies that help preserve memory, optimise well-being, and allow longer independent living.

Magnes (Zürich) –  offers a real-life-monitoring solution to analyse walk patterns of patients with neurological disorders and give them haptic feedback to help with treatment and symptom control.

WhachaCallitMed (Basel) – designed a tool that allows patients and families to navigate through specialised medical information and make better decisions. The team spun from the DayOne Health Hack.

Myov (Basel) – is developing a unique saliva-based device that accurately determines the female fertility window using an  AI-enabled smartphone application. This will help up to 30 per cent of couples struggling to conceive a baby in their first year.

IPDx (Estonia) – its proprietary technology translates the intricate collection of antibodies into actionable data to develop diagnostics that help detect disease earlier and guide treatment decisions. The company is working on biomarkers that identify immunological changes caused by diabetes and thus inform the optimal care pathway.

IBDmate  (UK) – is a patient education platform allowing clinicians to prescribe personalised information and education. The solution will empower people living with Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis to have the knowledge, skills and confidence to improve their quality of life.

(Press release/RAN)
Photo: DayOne