Six Swiss startups head to Las Vegas


The annual CES (Consumer Electronic Show) event, one of the world largest events showcasing breakthrough consumer technologies will soon be held in Las Vegas. The event brings together more than 180’000 visitors from all over the world. Six Swiss startups have been announced to showcase their innovations at the event.


Now in its 50th year, the CES event will bring together players in the consumer technology industry from all over the world on 9. – 12. January 2018 in Las Vegas to show case their innovative technologies. Last year 184’000 visitors attended the event, including 58000 visitors from abroad, 4000 companies exhibited and over 600 startups gathered at the Eureka Park Marketplace. At the 2018 CES event, 800 startups from 37 countries will showcase their innovations. Six Swiss startups are among them.

These include;

Ausweis (IoT) – developed an App that allows users to unlock doors remotely, store, create, and revoke keys immediately, share unlimited or scheduled access, and view users’ activity whenever needed.

Biospectal – the startup is developing the next generation of biosensor solutions based on connected devices, IoT and edge computing technologies.

Biowatch – developed a wearable biometric technology based on vein recognition, as an alternative solution to current authentication methods. Designed to fit into the strap of any watch or bracelet, the startup’s “Module” identifies the user based on their unique vein pattern.

Mitipi – is a virtual roommate designed to protect homes from burglars and robbers. The device ensures that the apartment appears animated even during absence of the home owner. mitipi creates an interplay of light and acoustics by means of intelligent control. This ranges from watching TV, listening to music to cooking, taking a shower and much more.

Piavita – company developed a diagnostic device that measures vital parameters of horses easily and precisely and transmits them wirelessly. The Piavita Vet System measures parameters such as Electrocardiogram (ECG), Pulse Sequence & Heart Rate, among others non-invasively trough the hair coat of the horse. Thanks to the state-of-the-art sensor technologies, the machine learning based data processing, and the small size their device allows for easy, innovative, and precise measurement of vital signs of horses.

Sensoryx – developed a novel mobile 3D motion tracking system «Sensoryx Motion» that tracks a user’s movements precisely, in real-time and without requiring external references such as stationary cameras. In combination with head-mounted displays such as the portable GearVR, the product allows the user to interact naturally with virtual reality by using his hands, fingers and feet.

The CES event offers startups a platform to meet more than 3500 financial professionals, 7000 members of the media, key investors and suppliers. The main objective is to give them opportunities to acquire funds for their ideas and establish new partnerships for collaborations and acquisitions. The startup program will be held at the Eureka Park Marketplace.

Picture: YS-Partk/Pixabay