Six Swiss startups among the finalists of Hello tomorrow challenge


Hello tomorrow is an international startup award that recognizes early-stage startups in 12 tracks. Six Swiss startups are among the 80 selected finalists that will pitch at the Hello Tomorrow Global summit on 14 March in Paris. The competition offers a grand prize of €100K and €15k for the best early-stage startup in each track.


The Hello Tomorrow global summit brings together like-minded players from different fields of technology to discover how deep technologies can solve the world's toughest challenges. One of the highlights of the summit is the startup challenge, which provides a platform for showcasing the most promising deep-tech entrepreneurs across the globe.

In this year’s competition, the jury nominated 80 finalists selected from 4500 applications to pitch at the Hello Tomorrow Challenge Stage in front of over 400 industry experts and investors. The overall winner will receive an equity free cash prize of €100’000 while a winner from each track will receive €15’000 prizes.

Six Swiss startups qualified for the finals. These include;

Insightness – the startup develop a compact and efficient collision avoidance system for drones. The Systems uses custom vision sensor chips containing smart pixels to allows for detection and evasion of moving and static obstacles.

Skypull The startup developed an airborne wind energy system of autonomous tethered drones that allow for wind power harvesting at above stronger and higher altitudes.

GliaPharm (industrial biotech) – the EPFL spinoff is developing an innovative therapeutic approach to treat neurogenerative disorders. Gliapharm’s approach is to stimulate the neuroprotective action of glial cells (support cells) to treat certain types of neurological and psychiatric disorders including Alzheimer's.

Lumendo (new materials) – developed a portfolio of innovative, light-active medical fillers for safe, elegant and time-saving surgeries. The fillers that can be used to form implants in any cavity inside the body – for example in orthopedic, dental and neurovascular applications.

Space Pharma (New space)– provides Micro-gravity space laboratory for pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

MyoSwiss (well being) – developed Myosuit a wearable muscle that combines robotic and textile technology to help patients with mobility impairments to get more out of their functional rehabilitation training & therapy.