Six startups exploring Silicon Valley


The swissnex Startup Camp has kicked off today with 6 Swiss startups commencing their one month stay in Silicon Valley as part of the February 2019 cohort from the Innosuisse Market Entry Camp at swissnex San Francisco.


Six startups have been selected by Innosuisse and are now taking part in the swissnex SF Startup Camp. During the next month in Silicon Valley, the startups will test the potential of their products in the US market and participate in workshops and training sessions with entrepreneurial experts from the swissnex network. Swissnex SF connects the startups to the local network and provides tools, techniques, training, and workspace to facilitate idea-testing in the US market.

According to the Startup Program Manager, Franziska Steiner, “The program helps Swiss startups validate the US as a target market and gain a foothold in Silicon Valley. By providing them with access to the right people and to effective tools, swissnex helps them succeed.”

The following startups are part of the February 2019 cohort from the Innosuisse Market Entry Camp.

Largo (Lausanne) –aims to make data-driven movie-making accessible to the market through its high level film understanding technologies. Largo has developed data-driven intelligence, which can be introduced much earlier in the life of a film project, right from script choice and development, through filming, post-production and theatrical release. Largo empowers production companies with data-enhanced ROI uplift and reduction of risk. 


AdvAlsor (Zurich) – is introducing the self-aware-organization corporate awareness tool based on Artificial Intelligence (AI). The startup uses AI to generate emotion-related big-data from the digital footprint at work to offer relevant and personalized solutions to information overflows, harmful negativity clusters and work culture related issues. The real-time system supports managers and employees to develop more self-aware behaviors, engagement and optimism at work, which radiates positively onto clients.

GetLocal (Zurich) – operates an online tourism portal for city travelers. Targeted at mainly 4- and 5-star hotels as well as selected city boutique hotels, GetLocal offers international hotel visitors a platform with which they can book a diverse range of activities in the local area – from nightlife, sports and culture to dining, wellness or shopping.

LORIOT (Zurich) – provides long-range infrastructure for Internet of Things. Due to a unique positioning in the Long Range (LoRA) ecosystem as both software provider and network operator, LORIOT is able to provide one of the most powerful, complete and secure solutions in the market as well as tailor-made end-to-end solutions for IoT applications. The core product is a system of multiple applications to set up, maintain, operate and scale a distributed, resilient and secure radio network.

IDUN Technologies (Zurich) – developed soft and surface-structured electrodes/sensors based on silicone materials to facilitate wear comfort and increased signal quality during biopotential monitoring (ECG, EEG, EMG). The startup team has conducted various tests of the product and raised funds in a seed round to accelerate the development of its solution.

RB2 (Lausanne) – is developing vision-based navigation systems that allow for autonomous control of robots in multiple environments. The startup’s state-of-the-art deep learning models enable robots to make smart and secure decisions, thanks to artificial intelligence-driven neuro-networks of autonomous systems and video stream analysis algorithms that facilitate real-time object detection.

(Press release - RAN)