Six start-ups enter the Climate-KIC Accelerator in Zurich

Following the intensive two-day bootcamp, six startups dedicated to creating solutions based around a new technology or service with provable climate impact were selected to enter the Climate-KIC accelerator program. These include: ChemAlive, Insolight, InstaHeat, Power4All, Smart Home Technologies and Trea Tech.

Climate KIC, Europe’s largest public private partnership addressing climate change through innovation to build a zero carbon economy, has announced the six startups to enter the Climate-KIC accelerator program. During a two-day bootcamp,  ten selected startups were coached to enable them develop skills of founding a business. On the second day each team pitched in front of an expert panel, comprising founders and investors, who assessed their ideas. Only six were selected to join the acceleration program.

“I am very excited that we incubated a bunch of highly talented and motivated people who have developed great new technologies that have the potential to disrupt current markets or create new ones. Within the Accelerator Programme the new startups will work on validating their business model, prototyping and finally become investor ready. Overall, they are a great addition to our portfolio”, commented Renato Galli.

The selected startups are;

ChemAlive – the startup serves an online computational chemistry platform that delivers highly accurate analytics for all of chemistry through its managed cloud computing, in-house automation algorithms and its large-scale database. Through one-button, barrier-free, access to state-of-the-art methods in chemical theory, the platform allows for fast and efficient results with up-to-date methodologies useful to experts and non-experts alike in academia, pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals and contract research (manufacturing) organizations (CR(M)Os).

Insolight – Insolight developing solar panels with double efficiency compared to conventional silicon panels. The company’s goal is to make the solar energy transition faster by trying to make it more competitive. By doubling the energy production per unit of area, it would be possible to bring residential solar electricity production costs below < 0.1 $/kWh. It will be then widely adopted, even without subsidies.

Smart Home Technology – an ETH Spin-off that develops smart and energy efficient appliances for homes and industries. These provide ultra-low power and secure solutions for connected devices with Zero Standby Power and Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC). The control software in combination with customized components lead to a minimal standby loss that is less than 0.005W, below the definition of zero standby power set by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) 62301 clause 4.5. The startup also offers sensor-based and real-time data collection through their solution Smart@Home.

TreaTech – is developing a patented solution to revolutionize the waste management of sewage sludge by turning it into fresh water, biogas, and natural fertilizers. This not only makes the sludge new form of revenue instead of a cost to companies but also reduces the contamination effects.

InstaHeat – The team at InstaHeat developed a flow heater which is compact, energy efficient, has no standby power. It can also heat any fluid and reaches the desired temperature instantaneously.

Power4All – The startup creates community access to simple yet cutting edge solutions to power, light and water. These include renewable energies, lighting, water generation and water treatment. In order to unlock the financing gridlock for solar systems, the startup aims is to set-up a venture that procures solar kit systems and offer a leasing solution to end customers.

The six startups were admitted to stage 1 which lasts 6 months and after that they will be reevaluated before they can enter stage 2 and later on for stage three.

Pic: Climate-KIC