Six spacetech startups join the ESA BIC Switzerland program

The Swiss space incubator ESA BIC CH has officially welcomed a new cohort into its incubation program. Over the next 24 months, the six selected startups will receive business and technical support from ESA BIC CH’s broad industry network experts and up to €200’000 in non-dilutive funding.

The ESA Business Incubation Centre (ESA BIC) Switzerland is an initiative of the European Space agency run by ETH Zurich, which supports startups that exploit space systems or technologies to develop non-space businesses or which use terrestrial technology for an application related to space. The program provides selected startups with up to €200’000 in non-dilutive funding over two years, business and technical support, a network, and a community of peers and experts.

During the jury session in November 2020, the committee has selected six new startups to join the program. These are:

Rigi Tech – is developing an Air Bridge to enable fully automatic aerial drone delivery between two or more locations within minutes and on-demand. The solution will facilitate hospitals, warehouses and businesses with long-range drone-based logistics. 

CondenZero – is building metallic additively manufactured parts ultra-high vacuum leak-tight for space applications. 

NematX – with its "Nematic 3D Printing" technology, the startup allows for the production of novel high-performance polymer space components. The solution is applicable in the electronics, medical and pharma industries as well as for industrial applications where parts are exposed to harsh environmental conditions.

XR Nanotech – is developing innovative nanostructured X-ray optics with outstanding precision. The technology will enable researchers, for the first time, to peek deeper into matter and materials using X-ray technologies to obtain sharp images from the smallest-ever structures, such as transistors in microchips or advanced magnetic materials. 

Lumiphase – develops products to enable chips to interact using light in the most efficient way, facilitating sustainable growth of the information technology industry, and ultimately transforming computing, networking and sensing.

Inergio – the startup offers an innovative, modular, lightweight and efficient fuel cell-based power system that delivers clean electricity wherever it is needed. The system enables unlimited scaling, making the technology suitable for applications ranging from IoT devices and consumer electronics to autonomous robotic systems and automobiles.