Six spacetech startups join ESA BIC

ESA BIC Switzerland is an incubation program offering startups with a connection to space technical and financial support to accelerate their development. The next cohort comprises six startups that will each receive EUR 200’000 in non-dilutive funding.

The ESA BIC Switzerland program supports startups that exploit space systems or technologies to develop non-space businesses or use terrestrial technology for an application related to space. During the next 24 months, six startups selected for the program will receive technical support from companies and research organisations, business support and access to an extensive network. Each startup will additionally obtain financial aid totalling EUR 200’000 to support their development.

to advance existing and emerging applications of laser radiation, Deeplight offers compact light sources with outstanding coherence properties and frequency agility – throughout the visible (VIS) and near-infrared (NIR) spectrum. The technology addresses a wide range of applications of laser light, including LiDAR and optical metrology, spectroscopy and environmental sensing, life sciences, optical communications, microwave photonics, and quantum technologies. Target customers include LiDAR integrators and manufacturers of fiber sensors.

Prometheus Life Technologies
Founded as a joint venture project of the Universität Zürich and Airbus Defence and Space, Prometheus Life Technologies is a space biology company aiming to develop and establish the production of human tissue in space. While the company is still in semi-stealth mode, it is already gaining traction. Recently, it was selected as the winner of the Orbital Reef Starter Innovation Challenge out of hundreds of applicants.

Aiming to accelerate the transition to renewable energies by establishing alpine solar energy as a prominent part of the renewable energy landscape. Based on the founders’ discovery of the high potential for electricity production from solar photovoltaic (PV) in alpine areas, particularly in the winter months, the startup developed a fully integrated software solution that combines all the design, planning and operation of alpine solar farms into one tool.

Provides developed a benchtop analytical instrument that gives industry, research, and academic facilities easier access to chiral analytics. Currently, over 60% of pharmaceutical molecules on the market are chiral, meaning they exist in two distinct forms which are difficult to distinguish from one another. Often, these two forms of a chiral molecule have two completely different effects in the human body. In pharmaceutical molecules, this can mean a difference in drug potency or the presence or absence of harmful side effects. With its technology, ENATIOS thus enables the measurement of chirality, molecular structure, and solvent effects in biologically relevant systems.

askEarth -
is developing a search engine that enables users to access Earth Observation (EO) data to discover and understand the planet in one click. EO data is physical or biological data about the planet gained via sensing technologies such as satellites. It allows for monitoring coastline progressions, deforestation, glacier melting or transportation. The platform can thus be used as an easy-to-use tool to validate newspaper articles and access unique information.

is developing fast-charging sustainable batteries based on carbon-based supercapacitor technology that combines high energy storage capability with the high-power delivery capability to enable the next generation of energy storage devices. The environmentally friendly solution will replace current lithium batteries.