Siroop relies on Wealthport

Open online marketplace siroop has strong growth ambitions. Wealthport’s artificial intelligence driven data preparation services helps siroop to achieve these goals.

Siroop is the first completely open online marketplace in Switzerland. It brings together products from national retailers and manufacturers, pure E-commerce shops as well as regional and local stores on a single platform. With this approach comes a challenge: to integrate the catalogues coming from different suppliers into a single schema while at the same time normalising brand names, colour, gender, size, etc.

To solve this problem siroop uses Wealthport’s data integration service. Siroop selected Wealthport for its powerful capabilities and high degree of automation. For Peter Rohn, the company’s Chief Operations Officer, Wealthport’s fast turnaround and intelligent data preparation capabilities meant his category- and content management teams could remain focused on launching new products on the marketplace without wasting time on laborious data preparation.

Since launching, siroop has received a tremendous amount of applications from interested retailers. With Wealthport they are now able to onboard new retailers without sacrificing data quality and consistency. “For us and our end users, the data quality of the product range is primary” said Peter. “Wealthport’s service enables us to provide high-quality information on thousands of exciting products easily and efficiently.”

The company’s intelligent and scalable data preparation service is suitable for different industries, however the start-up has developed a special solution for retail which can be easily adjusted to the needs of the respective customer. The solution enables retailers to onboard new suppliers 10x faster, integrate 100,000 products overnight and reduce manual work in product data management by 20x.