Silicon Valley entrepreneur new CEO of MICTIC


Mictic AG, maker of the first wearable device that enables a user to create music based on body movements, has named Mershad Javan as its new CEO. Javan is a musician and the founder and former CEO of the leading digital music distribution platform Octiive.


Mictic, the "Body Instrument", uses sensors in a wearable device to allow users to “paint music in the air” with their movements. It is the only wearable instrument that is truly a new musical instrument--and not just a controller for existing ones. Mictic can be used for solo use, performance, and remote collaborations. Several videos on Mictic’s Youtube channel give an impression of the instrument.

The product will launch in Q4 2020. In addition to product sales, Mictic will engage with users online, through new instrument and effects sounds, and collaboration opportunities. Pre-orders are being taken at

The announcement today was made by co-founder Rolf Hellat, who is stepping down from the role to focus on fine tuning the product and user experience. “Javan is just the kind of talent we need right now to lead operations as we move into this crucial product launch phase,” said Rolf Hellat. “His achievements and connections in the U.S. tech sphere are a huge asset, but it’s the way the needs of a musician and the possibilities of technology converge so succinctly in his mind that I most value.”

“I was blown away by the concept alone, but once I tried it I knew Mictic is going to change the way the world makes, and feels, music forever,” said Mershad Javan, CEO of Mictic. “Once I met Rolf and the incredible team in Zurich, I knew the tools were in place to make this phenomenon a global reality.”

Javan founded Octiive (formerly known as MondoTunes) in 2014, based on his own recognition as a musician that indie artists deserved the same opportunities and distribution tools major labels offered. Octiive delivered that, becoming the digital distributor with the biggest network of stores, including crucial penetration in China, and a constantly evolving suite of tools allowing artists to collaborate, promote, and achieve. UK media giant Anakando bought a large stake in Octiive in 2016.  He remains a member of the executive board of Octiive, and a consultant and advisor to several Silicon Valley startups.

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