Silicon Valley Countdown: 10 days left to apply

Swisscom is giving the five most innovative startups the opportunity to further develop their startups in Silicon Valley. Aspirants may submit their applications for the Swisscom Startup Challenge by 7 May 2017.

Swisscom Startup Challenge is a project of the Swisscom designed to foster startups through a week-long tailor-made development program in Silicon Valley. The program is designed to assist entrepreneurs in bringing their startups to the next level through workshops and meetings and cooperation with experts based in the heart of technology, Silicon Valley. All meetings and pitching sessions are adjusted for each start-up to allow them meet their targeted goals.

The program has yielded startups positive results, thanks to the joint efforts of various key players and innovation changers from Silicon Valley and Switzerland. Startups had the opportunity to build their network and meet investors who also invested in the companies. In total, the 21 winners have received 73 Swiss Francs in funding.Alongside networking, the program offered startups an intensive learning program through which they further developed their products and services, and their entrepreneurial skills. The founders also received tips and feedback from experts.

Last year’s cohort comprised of Nanolive, Qumram, Advanon. Fashwell and Xsensio. CEOs have delivered positive feedback.

Phil Lojacono, Founder & CEO of Advanon says: “For us, it was great to see the Silicon Valley spirit and how much competition they have. Also we learned how to sell ourselves better and realized that European quality is actually quite high - we just need to sell it.”

Patrick Barnert, CEO of Qumram comments: "The Swisscom Startup Challenge helped Qumram to engage in sales cycles with clients we met during our stay in Silicon Valley. The biggest benefit was in learning the American way of doing marketing and business - be aggressive with a smile."

Swisscom is again offering the next cohort the opportunity to explore Silicon Valley.  Entrepreneurs interested in exploiting this opportunity is may submit their application until 7 May 2017.

Picture: / Yuval Helfman