Signifikant: launch, funding and a new co-founder


The Luzern based, Signifikant offering solutions to measure the impact of advertising campaigns has launched its solution. The company has also completed a bridge funding round and welcomed a new member to the management board.



Signifikant supports marketing managers in enhancing their brand and corporate strategy as well as efficiently deploy their media budget. The start-up developed a platform that monitors campaigns and uses algorithms to create data models that measure their success as well as make predictions for future campaigns. Continuously measuring cross-media campaigns allows for continuous optimisation, thereby increasing the media return on investment. Following four years of development, the Luzern based start-up is ready for the market; its solutions are currently being rolled out in Germany and Switzerland.

With the rollout in full swing, Signifikant has obtained additional funds as part of a bridge financing round from investors including the presidents of Switzerland’s largest Business Angel Clubs such as Thomas Dübendorfer of SICTIC. Thomas joined the investment committee during the seed round and has now doubled his investment in the bridge round. The start-up’s key investors also include Johann Schlieper, President Zurich of Business Angels Switzerland. Johann was the start-up’s first investor.

In line with the round, Sigifikant welcomed Marcus Schögel, Professor at the Institute for Marketing at the University of St. Gallen, as member of the Advisory Council. “Today’s advertisers need swift and up-to-date answers regarding the effectiveness of individual campaign elements. A consistent and pervasive analysis of each advertising campaign, preferably while it is still running, lays the foundations for making the right decisions in a very rapid but substantiated manner,” said Schögel.

A late co-founder for Signifikant
While some co-founders join the company right from its start, others join later, a growing trend observed at even in some of the world’s leading tech companies. Signifikant, too, has welcomed a late co-founder: Cornel Schmid who previously worked for brands including Unilever, Sony and Novartis. His motivation for joining the founding board was the start-up’s unique solution. According to him, “This tool finally answers key questions that are of major operational and strategic importance for advertisers. I have not come across any solution in my previous work that provides relevant insights immediately after or even during the campaign.”

With the two well-versed marketing experts, Signifikant is ready to address the increasing demand for innovative solutions in the advertising market.

(Press release/RAN)
Photo: Cornel Schmid (COB), Esther Cann (CEO) and Peter Roth (CTO)