SICTIC’s Swiss Angel Investor Handbook available for everyone

The Investor Handbook offers a comprehensive introduction to angel investments and many tangible tips based on practical experience and expert knowledge. It can be downloaded free of charge as of today. 

Swiss start-ups and their achievements have become an everyday topic in the media. At the same time, more and more people are looking for new asset classes in light of the low interest rates. As a result, people are increasingly interested in becoming business angels. However, if an angel wants to invest successfully, he or she needs broad know-how. The new handbook precisely addresses this challenge.

The book was written by practitioners. The Investor community of the Swiss ICT Investor Club (SICTIC) helped to fund to more than 160 Swiss tech startups to date. While doing so, they learned a lot about what to watch out for and how to foster success. Today, SICTIC’s free Swiss Angel Investor Handbook, which SICTIC has already distributed more than 4’000 printed copies of in its direct network, is finally also available to anyone. It’s available online as flipbook and downloadable e-book together with a document template collection for investors and founders. You can download the Swiss Angel Investor Handbook at:

SICTIC created a solid handbook for daily use, explaining not just the basic concepts and the particularities of the Swiss legal system, but also advanced topics like startup valuation, employee incentive plans and vesting, taxation and exits. In addition, it provides solid advice and does not shy away from concretely warning against certain practices. “This is the handbook I would have loved to have when starting out investing in my first startup. It’s our way of giving back and sharing our knowledge with every potential investor.” said Dr. Thomas Dübendorfer, President and Co-Founder of SICTIC.

The Swiss ICT Investor Club (SICTIC), founded in 2014 with headquarters in Zurich and a presence all over Switzerland, is a non-profit association with the goal of bringing private and corporate investors together with Swiss-based seed and early-stage tech startups. The SICTIC community comprises over four hundred business angels that help entrepreneurs take their projects to the next level. In 2021, SICTIC organised 15 startup pitching events and networking events across Switzerland online or face-to-face. Until today, over 160 innovative Swiss startups could successfully close an investment round with the help of SICTIC.

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